12 People Share The Small, Ordinary Ways Their Partners Make Them Happy (Without Even Realizing It)

Alvin Mahmudov

1. “Her laugh is not exactly cute, but it’s so funny and unfiltered that it makes me laugh every time.”

–Dylan, 31

2. “She speaks very slowly, but in an intellectual way where you can just tell she’s really thinking about every word that comes out of her mouth, and not talking just to talk the way most people do.”

–Jacob, 34

3. “He always says ‘you’re quite welcome’ instead of just ‘you’re welcome.’ Odd. But I’ve grown to be really fond it of as a quirk.”

–Layla, 30

4. “She hums when she brushes her teeth. It’s the first thing I hear in the morning and I like the familiarity of it.”

–Michael, 27

5. “He calls his mom every Wednesday night and it’s like their little weekly tradition. I don’t tell him enough, but I think it’s really sweet and shows how thoughtful he is.”

–Peyton, 26

6. “She always says ‘knock on wood’ and then always knocks on wood or whatever is closest that looks like wood. It’s the weirdest thing but also makes me laugh because I’m so used to it and she’s so sincere when she does it.”

–Luke, 32

7. “He freaks out around dogs, absolutely loses his shit and gets so excited. It’s so cute I can’t stand it.”

–Chloe, 24

8. “He LOVES boardgames. Like, he keeps them in our apartment and any time I bring up playing Trouble, his whole face lights up.”

–Kaylee, 27

9. “I get so much joy out of sneaking peeks at him while he’s reading a book. He makes such funny, expressive reactions and it just makes me laugh and love him more. But I’ll never tell him that, because I don’t want him to ever stop doing it or become self-conscious of it.”

–Olivia, 32

10. “When our alarm goes off (we get up at the same time), she sits up and says ‘Good morning!’ every single day. I love it even when I’m pissed that I’m awake.”

–Connor, 31

11. “He makes the bed so freaking neatly, it looks like a hotel service – super tucked in corners, everything is symmetrical and even. I love it. It’s become a really familiar comfort. And I don’t even think he does it to be nice – he does it out of habit.”

–Caden, 29

12. “He listens to podcasts when he cooks and he laughs hysterically and it makes me laugh from the other room, even if I’m half-listening to and don’t even think the content is that funny.”

–Anna, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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