9 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Night Owl

1. They will be incredibly productive after you fall asleep. Don’t be surprised to ask if they did anything after you fell asleep, and for them to respond that they finished a book or watched six episodes of a show or made scrambled eggs or did all three.

2. They definitely love you, but they probably don’t want to talk to you in the morning. Most likely, regardless of their night owl tendencies, they have to be up early during the weekdays like all other adults. So just remember that although they’re barely talking to you and/or looking at you and are instead clutching their coffee like it’s a drug – they still like you. They just need some time to wake up and remember this fact.

3. Being a night owl is not automatically synonymous with being a big partier. Sometimes they might like to go out and have a good time just like any other person, but a lot of the times, being a night owl just means they feel most energetic and most excited to do stuff when everyone else is ready for bed – even if it just means reading or getting a paper done or going through their email.

4. Vacations will involve a lot of compromise. You might want them to watch the sunrise with you and go on a walk on the beach and have a delicious breakfast by the pool and maybe go on a hike – all before 9 in the morning. But remember, they’re also going to want you to go for a late swim and order room service at 1 a.m. and check out the local night life and try a late-night walk on the beach. So, most likely, you’re going to have to alternate.

5. You’ll actually grow to really appreciate the alone time. You’ll have so much time to yourself in the morning that you’ll actually be excited for them to wake up, and they’ll have so much ‘introverted’ time before bed that they’ll be equally excited to see you when they wake up. Although your different body clocks can add some complications to your relationship, it can also add some really nice balance, too.

6. Unless it’s mid-afternoon, one of you is probably always going to be tired. This is just a truth of the early bird–night owl relationship. Embrace it.

7. They were always the last person asleep at sleepovers. So sometimes, they’ll get overly energetic when they sense that you are starting to get sleepy, because they want you to hang out with them for as long as possible until they’re stuck on their own, scrolling through Instagram or counting the tiles on the ceiling, again.

8. They’ve probably already tried whatever advice you’re going to suggest. Melatonin, breathing exercises, meditation, soundscapes, prescriptions, etc. They’ve already done the research, the googling, even the doctor’s visits. It’s okay to tell them, in a non-condescending way, about that thing that worked for your coworker or your cousin’s husband who also had trouble sleeping – but just remember that they’ve already tried a lot of stuff, and if they think your advice will help, they’ll take it. If they don’t seem enthused, just drop it.

9. They have a really hard time shutting off their mind at night. Sometimes, they love being a night owl. Other times, they really don’t. So when you can sense that they are tired and want to sleep but can’t seem to relax, try talking to them or keeping them company for a little while. Even if you doze off, they’ll appreciate it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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