14 Men Reveal What Made Them Text Her Back (Instead Of Ghosting Like They Used To)


1. “She was really chill and funny but also just gave off this I-don’t-take-any-bullshit attitude. I was instantly into her and knew that if I didn’t act like it, she’d have no problem moving on in a second. I basically did the opposite of ghosting and actually CALLED her the next day and asked her to see me again. I’ve never called before.”

–Marc, 28

2. “She didn’t do small talk. She just asked really interesting questions and seemed genuinely curious about the answers, and all her answers were very honest and real. We ‘had drinks’ for four and a half hours. There was no way I wasn’t gonna follow up.”

–Tomas, 24

3. “I was a little lukewarm after our date, but she’s a hilarious texter. Every damn thing she said, I was busting out laughing at work. To the point where I got really excited every time my phone went off. I asked her out again that night and realized it just takes her a little time to warm up. We’re together now.”

–Darren, 27

4. “I pulled all my typical ‘schmoozy’ moves on our first date and they usually work, but she just seemed totally unimpressed and turned off by it. That’s never happened before. She made me want to actually try something different for a change. I could barely wait two hours after the date before texting her.”

–Ross, 26

5. “We walked out of the restaurant and she said ‘This was fun, see you soon maybe’ then hopped in an uber like it was no big deal and left. The fact that she was friendly all night and then didn’t seem to care at the end of it whether or not I texted her again is what drove me crazy. So I reached out again, obviously.”

–Dwayne, 27

6. “She had an insane schedule and usually I can be a little cockier in terms of the girls I date, but I could tell I was definitely at the bottom of the list of things she was thinking about. And that made me really interested in seeing her again.”

–Roland, 25

7. “I made a joke that wasn’t funny, and she laughed AT me and then said ‘That was a horrible joke.’ I dunno, that’s what did it for me. I’m not used to that kind of straightforward confidence and self-assurance.”

–Gary, 24

8. “I thought about the date and about her nonstop for almost an entire week after we had it. It was the most fun and the most instantly connected I felt to another person in a long time. So as soon as I got home I told myself not to fuck it up.”

–JD, 26

9. “She had a great laugh. It was contagious – like those kinds where you laugh just from hearing the other person laugh? I just really wanted to be around her again.”

–Leon, 29

10. “We were leaving the restaurant we met up at and I said I’d text her later and super casually she said ‘Eh, don’t worry about it. I’m not looking to just mess around.’ Like she was already moving on and was fine about it. That’s what made me want to text her again.”

–Jeremy, 30

11. “She didn’t wear any makeup on our first date (from what I could tell) and her hair was up and messy and she looked great. I had never seen a girl look like that before.”

–Luther, 23

12. “We had a one-night stand sort of thing and the next day she woke up and was getting ready to leave but my roommates told her to stay and have a few beers with them (we were still in college) because they were trying to mess with me. She ended up being awesome and when she actually did leave they told me that if I didn’t text her again I was a moron. So we’ve been dating for 3 years.”

–Ian, 24

13. “It was the best date I had ever been on and she was so, so funny.”

–Owen, 27

14. “She was really confident, really relaxed, and seemed indifferent either way in terms of how the date went. I liked her immediately.”

–Austin, 28 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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