30 Teeny Tiny Things That Actually Mean You’ve Found Your ‘Forever’ Person


1. They remember all the weird, little things about you, like the name of your favorite stuffed animal as a kid or how much jelly you like on your PB&J’s.

2. They make you feel better without even having to say a single word.

3. Like, just their presence makes you feel calmer, stronger, and steadier.

4. They’re the first person you look at when something hilariously awkward happens in a social setting.

5. You think they look cute when they sleep, even if they make the ugliest face imaginable.

6. Hanging out with them on the couch is one of your main happy places.

7. Basically anywhere that you are with them is your happy place – grocery stores, the bus, gas stations, the least romantic place you can think of, etc.

8. They give you the advice you need to hear, not the advice you want to hear.

9. They make you laugh about things that no one else would ever find funny.

10. Doing small things that will make them happy makes you so incredibly happy.

11. Comprising still sucks sometimes, but it’s bearable when you know you’re doing it for the good of the two of you as a whole.

12. You find yourself bringing up random, useless pieces of information about them to other people, simply because they’re always at the forefront of your mind and you can’t help yourself.

13. If you’re at home together, you’ll often go into the same room as them, not because you need to talk or you want to hang out – you just love to be around them.

14. You have a favorite article of clothing that they wear, and most of the time it’s not a fancy outfit. It’s just their favorite sweatshirt or their favorite pair of sweatpants, the ones that remind you of cozy, Saturday nights in – hanging out, doing nothing, and loving every minute of it.

15. And you know they have a favorite sweatshirt or t-shirt of yours too, and that wearing it around them makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

16. Their scent makes you feel inexplicably happy.

17. There are certain foods or drinks that you love now, simply because they remind you of your person.

18. They’re the first person you think of and the first person you turn to when you need help making a big life decision.

19. Most of your favorite pictures together are ones you didn’t post online, because you wanted to keep them for yourselves.

20. Nothing ever feels like a competition. You never feel a sense to keep track of things, to measure things, etc. You just know that your relationship is even and balanced and things will always work themselves out. 2

21. They can always tell when you’re upset, no matter how well you hide it.

22. It’s now at the point where they don’t even have to be in person to know something’s bothering you. They can tell through text, through email, on the phone, or even from looking at you across the room. You both can read each other better than you can read anyone else in the world.

23. Holding their hand feels like the most natural thing in the world.

24. Oftentimes you actually find yourself reaching for their hand without even realizing what you’re doing.

25. You always get angry and indignant on their behalf when they’re mistreated, even more so than you would be if that same mistreatment had happened to you. Whenever they’re involved, you always feel things more deeply.

26. Every single future event that you think about involves them, even if you’re not consciously doing it.

27. They’re even present in your mind when you think about trivial, everyday future events, like sitting at your future dinner table or taking a walk in your future neighborhood.

28. You’re always happy to go to things that you don’t really care about, as long as you know it’s important to them – a movie you don’t want to see, a restaurant you don’t care for, a birthday party where you know no one. As long as they’re excited, you’re excited.

29. You can think of a hundred more reasons why they’re your forever person.

30. And you know the list is only going to get longer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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