This Morning I Decided I’m Over You


I woke up this morning without you being the first thing to cross my mind. I woke up this morning without your presence being missed on the left side of my bed. I woke up this morning without your pain upon my heart. I woke this morning without struggling to get out of bed. I woke up this morning with the sun shining on my face; to a world that seems much brighter.

This morning, I woke up over you.

Just like that. Literally overnight, I completely got over you.

This morning I realized my feelings for you are gone. I rose to a world where you no longer have any control over me, a world that has no space for you. I woke to a place that you do not belong a part of anymore. Facing a life that does not hold any more room for you. Peacefully accepting and appreciating that you are gone.

For today, I woke up without ache in my heart, without tightness in my chest. My dreams do not revolve around you any longer. My reality does not concern you anymore. Today, actuality is better than my dreams.

I entered a world where I can breathe again: a period that is no longer driven by sadness. A future full of promises, as well as opportunities.

This morning, I found the strength to leave yesterday in the past. Leave you in the past. Leaving behind all the discomfort and hurt also. Forgetting everything that has happened between us. Forgiving everything that has taken place.

Today, I am free. Free from your suffocating grasp. Free from everything that you have put me through. Free from the fear of a life without you. Free from it all.

Most importantly, I entered a life that is free from you.

I have finally found the strength to forgive myself. Forgive myself for believing your lies, falling for your empty-promises.

I do not love you like I did yesterday.

On the contrary, I do not hate you like I did yesterday. For today, I am not bothered by your presence. The thought of you does not haunt me. You no longer have the ability to control my emotions or thoughts. From today on, you are not permitted to have power over me.

You have no place in my life. No place in my heart. Your spot has been taken away. Saved for someone who actually deserves it. It is reserved for someone who will actually fight for me.

Today is a new day; a day where I can finally exist on my own terms. For today, I feel alive again. I have awakened from the grave you tried to put me in. I have risen above everything you ever did to tear me down. Finally, I released myself from your scheming clutch.

You forced me to wake up to a reality that I never wanted to know. Now this place doesn’t seem so bad. This place holds excitement and anticipation for the future.

It holds hope for all the new adventures that lie ahead. It holds a prospect of a brighter, healthier life.

A life that now has a new purpose, a life that has open possibility for love from another. Someone who will actually be able to give me everything you promised.

I woke up in a blissful state, a peaceful place. I woke up this morning in a bed that only belongs to me. I woke up to a life that is only mine.

This morning, I woke up over you.

What a glorious and beautiful day to be alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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