To The Girl He Chose Over Me


We’ve never met, and probably never will. I’m not even sure if you know who I even am. Honestly, I secretly hope you don’t. But we have something in common.

We both love the same man.

Well, we use too. I can no longer say that I fully do anymore. I use to love him. I guess a part of me still does, and always will. But the reality of the situation is he chose you over me.

Before I can let him become completely yours, I need you to know this.

I need you to know what I would have given him. What you must give him now. I need you to know how I wanted him to be my everything. How he must become your everything now. I need you to know how much I loved him. How much you must love him now.

I hope you treat him right and love him as much as I once did. Put him first. Take care of him in the way he deserves. Treat him better than I was ever able to.

Help him to become the greatest version of himself. Always believe in him, especially when he can’t find the strength to do so himself. Support all his goals. Support all his dreams. Please, never stand in his way. Never hold him back.

Make sure he is always happy, even if you must put his needs before your own.

Be patient with him as he opens up his heart to you. Be kind to him. Be open with him. Treat him with kindness. Treat him with respect.

Laugh at his jokes, even if they are not funny. Love him even when he is not very lovable.

Forgive him. Forgive him for his past. Forgive him for his flaws. Forgive him no matter what. Forgive him, even if he does not deserve forgiveness.

Kiss his forehead. Kiss him every morning and night. Kiss him every chance you get. Make sure he feels loved every second of every day.

Give him the truest, realest form of love. The type of love he truly deserves. The type of love he has been searching for his entire existence.

Love him in a way he never thought possible. Love him without any hesitations. Love him with every fiber of your being. Love him like anyone, including me, has ever loved him before.

Love his family as if they were you own. Same goes for his friends. Immerse yourself into his entire world. Become his other half, his better half. Complete him in a way that I wish that I could.

You are truly one of the luckiest girls in the world. You found yourself one of the good ones. Hold on to him as long as he will allow you. Never let him go. Fight like hell to make sure he will always be yours. Be the type of girl he has always needed. In the end, I hope that you can give him everything I apparently wasn’t able to.

If he fully gives you his heart, promise me you won’t break it?

Promise me you will love him to the best of you abilities. Promise me you will never hurt him. Promise me you will never leave him.

I hope that he treats you better. Better than he treated me towards the end. Better than you think you might warrant. I hope he will be able to give you a life that you have always imagined. That he gives you everything you have ever wanted. Knowing him, I have faith he will.

I guess what I’m trying to say with all of this is; Love him like I would, if he had given me the chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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