17 Micro-Wins You Can Celebrate Even When It Seems Like Everything Is Shitty

God & Man
God & Man

1. Having really well filled in and “fleeked” if you will, eyebrows. Good eyebrows are something to be proud of.

2. Finding a piece of jewelry you were just convinced you lost forever (probably after a few glasses of champagne, not that i’m referring to myself) and immediately putting it on.

3. Getting through a really intense workout and coming on the other side of it feeling your muscles getting stronger and stronger.

4. Standing up to someone who is being irrational with a level, fair, firm, and pragmatic response.

5. Remembering to mail out thank you notes in a reasonable time so they don’t have an “I’m sorry I know this is so late!!!!” attached to them that makes you slightly embarrassed.

6. Getting enough sleep at night, and then waking up without feeling like you just dozed off.

7. Looking at your bank account and realizing that you haven’t spent nearly as much money as you thought you had.

8. Fulfilling a commitment that you really, adamantly do NOT want to do, but recognizing that it’s not cool or responsible of you to be a flake so you suck it up and stick to your commitments.

9. Getting all the way to the end of using a tube of chapstick. (Which tbqh I don’t think is possible so I would 1010% celebrate the HELL out of.)

10. Seeing that your favorite musician is coming to your city and being able to snag tickets for the show for you and your friends.

11. Being able to genuinely say that you surround yourself with people who get you, support you, and you know – want what’s best for you. ~*Find your people*~

12. Learning the first chords or notes on an instrument you’ve finally committed to learning to play.

13. Making it literally anywhere on time when you are a chronically late human being.

14. Figuring out that you subconsciously fought your internal clock and either woke up earlier, or were able to sleep in later, than you typically do on a day to day basis.

15. Wearing your favorite article of clothing and feeling that “damn I look great” feeling that comes from everything being on point.

16. Getting unexpected mail or a package that turns out to be something exciting and fun and really anything other than spam snail mail or a bill.

17. When you finally finish the listicle that you were writing and said to yourself, “Hey self. Imma finish this before dicking around on Twitter.” Or you know, whatever task you know you REALLY need to complete. Either or. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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