I Honestly Have No Idea What To Think — Recapping American Horror Story: Roanoke (Finale)


Okay. I’m really sorry for missing last week, ya’ll. But in my defense, the United States decided to pull its own AHS, right?! (I’m sorry – I had to.)

Anyway, yes I saw Tasia get speared. Yes, I said, “Oh damn,” when Lee ate a heart. Yes, I was not surprised when Lee ended up being the sole survivor.

But that was then and this is now. So let’s finish this shit, shall we?

So we open this last episode at Comic Con apparently. It’s at least a meet and greet for the cast and creative of “Season One” of My Roanoke Nightmare, BEFORE everyone died. It’s a retrospective approach that reminds you of a simpler time. It’s a q & a with the cast and producers about that season, and they’re describing how they only scratched the surface of what the possibilities were with the ghosts, the relationships, and the house in general.

I would like to give a GIANT shout out to Trixie Mattel, who was the drag correspondent for the fake comic con. Her makeup is f l a w l e s s and I love her.


YouTube and various videos from fans begin to surface where people defend or condemn Lee.

But hey. What did you expect?

One of the huge questioning moments of this final episode is the validity of season two. Is it real, is it not?

Lee, the only surviving player, has been caught on tape confessing to at least one murder, and committing three others. And in a very OJ-esque fashion, she is on trial for said crimes.

But Lock Polk (he’s the daddy of those feral children from way back when) doesn’t care. He has an assault rifle and vows that Lee will pay. “Either way.”

Lee is now on a daytime talk show hosted by the one and only DUN DUN DUNNNNNN Lana Winters. We get Lee’s entire history with Mason and Flora. It covers her childhood, her marriage, her divorce, her sobriety, and her part in My Roanoke Nightmare. The police department still maintains that she was the murderer of Mason. They found the footage of her murdering people in Season 2, and yes, they went after her for said murders – arguably possessed or not.

The defense points out that the Polk Pot contains hallucinogens, and it can cause the body to see things. Ie: Lee, after being butchered and tortured, was drugged.

Thus, albeit surprisingly, Lee was acquitted of all charges.

So, not to be outdone, the police went after for the murder of Mason, based on her confessional video in the Polk Pot Palace.

The prosecution called Flora (remember her?) to the stand. She testified to seeing her parents fighting in the woods the night that Mason ended up dead. Apparently Mason threatened to bring in the police to take her (Flora) away, and Lee “picked up a rock and hit him.”

Flora continued to testify to Lee killing her father. But no one saw her because she was “hiding with Priscilla.”

The defense questions Flora about why she didn’t go to her parents, and she says she felt “safe” even though she was alone in the woods. But Flora maintains that she was with Priscilla, not alone out there. (Priscilla, if you’ve forgotten, was the ghost child who took Flora away in the first place.)

“You felt safer with a ghost girl in the woods than you did with your own parents.”

The defense exploits this and says that Flora and Lee were both abused, and that Lee’s “confession” was an attempt to get out of an abusive relationship.

16 days of deliberation later, the jury reached a verdict of “not guilty.”

And so Lee Harris walks free.

Flora stays with her grandparents, adamantly wanting nothing to do with her mother.

Lana recounts Lee’s past, apparently Lee wrote a book, became a motivational speaker, but maybe that by “inviting monsters, she became one herself.” Essentially what they (Ryan Murphy or otherwise) is doing is paralleling her acquittal to OJ. Let’s be real.

Lana and Lee are set to do a live, unedited interview. And it’s the first interview Lee has done SINCE season 2.

(I love Lana’s calligraphy and piano intro btw, that’s just for me.)

The show is very Oprah. It’s very “how are you” and “what are your feelings, love?” But regardless, they talk about how Flora kept Lee alive because she’s such a joy. Idk. It’s very idealistic.

Lee admits though that Flora doesn’t really want much to do with Lee, and she’s in a custody battle with Mason’s family for custody of Flora. It’s fair to assume that although she’s the mother she would be a bad influence because Lee has been seen on camera killing at least 3 people. And that wouldn’t be fair.

Lee admits that she agreed to be interviewed by Lana because Lana killed her own son, Bloodyface. So arguably, Lana gets it. Because there are extenuating circumstances and things sometimes are beyond what we can comprehend.

Apparently Flora won’t talk to Lee so. That’s why Lee is doing this.

Lee maintains that she loves Flora unconditionally, and that she’ll never give up and that she will never stop until they’re together again.

Unexpectedly, Lana asks, “Where is Flora?”

Flora was declared missing an hour before Lana and Lee went live on air.

An assault rifle is heard. It’s the Lock Polk, the last Polk son. He guns down the guards. He’s in the room with Lee and Lana on camera. He could give a shit about live TV and he has an assault rifle. Lana tries to reason with him. He knocks her out instead. And then an guard intervenes and we’re greeted with a technical difficulty sign.

The next frame sets out to properly focus on a new show.

YES. A new show.

Spirit Chasers is like a ghost hunter show that went to Asylum. And they are there during – you guessed it – the blood moon.

Spirit Chasers have trespassed (the Roanoke house is private property and blocked off after seasons 1 and 2) and rigged the house with night vision and heat censor cameras. They brought back Leslie and they wait out the blood moon.

The reading is “off the charts” as they go through the house that night. They see sheets and shit moving where they should not, hear doors slamming, SEE doors slamming. Their readers glow red all evening. Leslie finds a bonnet similar to the one Priscilla left behind for Flora and is v v over it.

And, not shockingly, a shadow goes by the window.

And then, Lee appears.

She condemns them for being there, and claims that she’s looking for Flora. She’s been going after Pricsilla, and the bonnet confirms that they’re together to Lee. She says to not worry about the spirits, because they are COMING.

When reviewing the thermal camera, they see a spirit throwing things off the wall and an audio recording captures Pricsilla breathing on camera.

Lee demands that Priscilla give Flora back. She just wants to find her daughter.


Whiles chasing after Priscilla the Pig Man appears and kills Leslie. A ghost takes away the Seth Rogen lookalike (I think he was on the board), and the girl runs. The nurse twins come for what’s his face. They run from the house and you can see Lee chasing them. A Police car shows up, the clan in the distance. The butcher gets most of the Spirit Chaser squad and hands them their fate on a platter.

The clan goes for any survivor with vigor.

Lee is STILL looking for Flora.

Flora shows up in the thermal camera.

Police are there, they are in a ‘stand off’ with Lee because there are reports that Flora is inside. They are treating it like a “Live” broadcast.

Lana maintains that she and Lee are women who trouble seek out. And that Lee just wants to work things out with Flora. That her daughter is her endgame.

Back in the house, Lee wonders why the settlers worried about people bothering them in the first place. Flora says that Priscilla showed her things to eat the woods, and took care of her. Lee tries to reason with her child, about why things are perfect. Flora is not buying what she’s selling because, well, Lee killed Mason in front of her.

All Lee wants is to walk out of there with Lee, and for the two of them to be togheter.

But Flora wants to stay with Priscilla. So.

Flora says if she burns the house down, she’ll keep Priscilla safe from The Butcher.

Lee is like, not having it.

But it doesn’t matter because Flora wants to burn the house down. So Lee offers to stay in the house, but Flora is not convinced. Apparently, Priscilla will take one or the other, so Flora could go live with her grandparents and Lee could stay if she offers herself up as a sacrifice.

Priscilla finally shows herself. Well, to Flora anyway.

The house door blows up, and Flora walks out unharmed sans Lee.

Priscilla shoots Lee so Lee can stay there forever and take care of her. Keep her safe from The Butcher. And the house goes up in flames.

From the police care flora sees P and her mom.

The last thing we see is the clan coming towards the burning house as the blood moon rises.

So really…no one survived. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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