‘American Horror Story’ Future Plot Ideas, From Someone Who Has Never Seen The Show

American Horror Story is a TV series on FX that is about to premiere its 11th season. I have seen exactly zero of the episodes from any season but I think I have a pretty good idea about what the show entails!

Based on my expert knowledge, I have a number of storyline ideas for American Horror Story‘s future seasons that I really think would do amazingly well. Mr. Murphy, my inbox is open.

Anyway, without further ado, here are American Horror Story plot ideas for future seasons, from someone who has never seen the show.

American Horror Story: Kardashian White House

Exactly what it sounds like. President Kris. Vice President Khloe. Secretary of State Kendall (she is great at compromise if you don’t remember from her Pepsi ad). Attorney General Kim. Secretary of Transportation Kylie. Kourtney isn’t in the cabinet, she’s just sort of there making side comments and shaking a salad.

During the Jenner-Kardashian administration, every American must receive a BBL.

American Horror Story: American Podcast Idol

A quest for the next great American podcast, except it’s for podcast bros. Instead of Ryan Seacrest as the producer, it’s Joe Rogan and Andrew Tate and the mean girl from TikTok with the red hair whose name I have already forgotten.

American Horror Story: 2000s Fashion Forever

Low-rise jeans are the only option for jeans. That’s pretty much it. Scary, right?

American Horror Story: Escaping From Walmart On Black Friday

The main characters for this season will get trapped in Walmart on Black Friday and must find a way to escape. But first, they must secure a big-screen TV. Chaos ensues.

American Horror Story: Health Insurance

In order to get health insurance, the main characters will have to answer a riddle given by Jigsaw, that scary guy from the SAW franchise. It doesn’t go well and everyone had to cut their feet off.

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