The Big Twist For American Horror Story: Roanoke Has Been Revealed — Who Do You Think Will Live??

HEY. Just FYI: There are gonna be some spoilers up ahead, ya’ll. You’ve been warned.


If you’re anything like me, you’re a pretty solid fan of the AHS series on FX. (Except for Freakshow. Sorry, Twisty. I just couldn’t get on board.) And I know we haven’t been doing weekly recaps thus far, but there’s no time like the present, right?

Season 6 of American Horror Story has been a DOOZY. From the get go, Murphy, his loyal cast, and pretty much everyone involved were incredibly tight lipped about the premise of the season. They released teasers that were designed to throw you off the trail, and revealed literally nothing about the season until the premiere. The only details they WOULD give up?

That there would be a major twist midway through.


The season, if you’re unaware, is entitled “My Roanoke Nightmare” or AHS: Roanoke for short. It’s loosely inspired by the Lost Colony of Roanoke (a true story) set in Ryan Murphy’s screwed up, gruesome world where all of his past seasons start to tie together. This season has broken the format from past seasons and is styled like a paranormal documentary. Some people are retelling what happened to them, while others are the reenactment actors.

But the big twist Murphy promised? It happens in episode 6.

If you need a breakdown of episodes 1 through 5, everyone’s favorite unreliable source Wikipedia has a pretty decent one episode by episode. I started to recap them all but frankly, I just want to get to the twist.

Because fellow Horror Story-ers, it was pretty good.

I was so spooked that when a security guard from my building came into the lounge room where I was watching tonight, I audibly said, “WHAT THE HELL, MAN!” because I was so on edge. (Sorry sir, blame Ryan Murphy.)

So in episode 6, it’s revealed that both the “real people” (Lily Rabe, André Holland, and Adina Porter) from My Roanoke Nightmare, and the “actors” that played them in the reenactments (Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, and Cuba Gooding Jr.) will be staying in the creepy, creepy farmhouse for 72 hours during the blood moon. This is a proposed sequel to what became a smash hit reality show, this time titled Return To Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell.

Needless to say, things start to get weird on set before everyone even arrives.

Producers Sidney Aaron James (Cheyanne Jackson) and Diana (Shannon Lucio) find a ritualistic offering of dead, fetal pigs outside of the house after showing up to get everything ready. They attribute it to Agnes (Kathy Bates) the actress who portrayed ‘The Butcher’ and subsequently went insane after diving too deep into the role. Agnes is diagnosed with a psychotic personality disorder, after an outburst after the show wrapped where she roamed the streets of Hollywood with a cleaver. And after finding the pigs on the land that he now owns (it’s revealed he bought the house from the Millers) and is his show’s home, Sidney serves her with a restraining order to stay away from set.

Then, upon returning, they find out a crew member has killed himself due a “freak accident” with a chainsaw. Diana urges Sidney to stop production and he refuses. So, she takes off. While driving away from set and recording on her phone, Diana sees a ghostlike figure in the middle of the road. After saying (to herself and the camera) that she’s not staying, the pig man attacks her from the backseat and crashes the car.

A screen cap says the footage from her camera was found by police 3 months later, but Diana’s body was never recovered.

Back in the house, shit. gets. real. Audrey (Sarah Paulson) and Rory (Evan Peters) are married after falling for each other when filming the reenactments, Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Matt (André Holland) are separated after Shelby had an affair with Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr.). None of the actors believe that there’s anything off about the house, while the Millers and Lee (Adina Porter) wait for the worst. Shelby and Matt are not speaking, Lee is HATED by America who is convinced she’s responsible for her husband’s death, and Monet (Angela Bassett) is not thrilled to be near Lee – who she attributes to her “crazy.”

After taking a shower Audrey is startled to see the pig man in the bathroom mirror. She screams and runs to her new husband, Rory, who goes to investigate. While everyone else is downstairs, Rory is stabbed to death by the nurses, completing the ‘R’ in ‘Murder’ on the wall that they started when they owned the house.

The final screen of the episode reads:

“Over the next three days during the Blood Moon, every participant in this series died under mysterious circumstances — except for one. The show planned by producers never aired. This is the assembled found footage.”



Not only do we have ghosts, murder, found footage, and some really messed up stuff in our future, we only get ONE survivor. Bravo, Murphy. You got us.

But more importantly…

Who do you think is going to survive Roanoke?

Will it be…

Shelby? Who called the cops on Lee, cheated on her husband, and is grasping at straws to not only make her marriage work, but make it out alive.


Matt? Who already has assessed that he knows what’s coming, and isn’t feeling super hopeful.


Lee? Who everyone thinks killed her husband and it looks like he might be coming for her.


Audrey? Who just lost her new husband and is clearly already a target for the pig man.


Monet? The clearly troubled actress who is NOT having her real life counterpart.


Or Dominic? Who we don’t know that well yet, but clearly is going to have some troubles with Matt.


But let’s be real. With AHS, the only thing that’s certain is that NOTHING is for certain.

See you next week. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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