Dear Women, Read This On International Women’s Day (And Also Every Day)

Dear Women, read this on International Women’s Day…but also every day, too.

It’s March, aka Female Empowerment Month, so let’s admire women and their strength and their brains and their beauty and everything in between.


Build up other woman! Competition is pointless. Compliment other women if you like their hair, their outfits, their nails, their skin, everything.


If someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them. You’re not obliged to accept anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Say no if you want to say no.


Nobody is perfect so don’t stress yourself out trying to strive for something that doesn’t really exist.


You’re probably going to go through hell once, twice, or maybe a couple hundred times. Remember how strong you are. You’ll get to a good place soon, I promise, so just keep that in mind.


Do what makes you feel confident! Exercise if you want to, eat what you want to eat, take your meds, give yourself some alone time, meditate, go to bed early…the list goes on. Bloated? Drink peppermint tea. Dark circles under your eyes? Cucumber slices or green tea bags. Dry skin? Moisturizer. Dry hair? Coconut oil.


If you want to have sex with that person, have (consensual) sex with them. Do what you want and what makes you feel good. Who cares what people think?


Social media shouldn’t be your entire life. If it is, remember that there’s more to life than what people put online. 


Go back to school if you want to! Work hard, study more, go after what you want the most.


No man is worth your tears. And no man determines your worth.


Remember who you are: you are a bad ass and a confident, smart, brilliant, able-bodied, amazing woman. Own it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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