5 Of The Realest Scenes From Netflix's 'Sex Education'

5 Of The Realest Scenes From Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’

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Let’s be real here, Netflix’s Sex Education is way too honest with its conversations about sex. When I watched the first season, I cringed at so many scenes that I felt as if my face was going to tighten that way. Nonetheless, we need to praise the show for how great it really is and how easily they cover the awkward sex talks and situations that happen, particularly in high school.

Sex Education covers a lot in the topic of sex and intimacy: our body parts and what happens to them when we’re turned on, relationships with the opposite gender vs. with the same gender, cheating, slut shaming, crushes, fears, sexuality, and everything else in between.

It was so raunchy and so truthful towards the topic of sex and how awkward, weird, scary, exciting, painful, and relatable it can be. I felt so many different emotions while watching. There were scenes that made me angry, cringe, cry, and some scenes I even laughed at because it was just so…awkward.

1. Sometimes you just gotta fake it till you make it.

When I watched this, my mouth dropped to the floor. This scene was so relatable and real and so cringe-y.

There are so many moments during intimacy where one person in the relationship has a hard time finishing. In most shows and movies, they show both people…getting…the job done. In Sex Education, they know how to make things real. They know it’s not always the case that both people finish. They show how awkward it can be that one person who doesn’t finish and how embarrassing it is for the person who does and who expects their partner to do the same.

2. Sex is a two way street!

I feel like there’s a lot of truth I could unpack from this scene.

If your partner doesn’t want to pleasure you in a specific way, that’s okay. If your partner physically cannot go down on you (for example, this girl puked on her boyfriend’s penis because she just…couldn’t do it), that’s okay too.  What’s not okay is making your partner feel guilty about it and withholding pleasure from them just because you’re salty about something. Don’t be selfish. Just be nice and understanding.

3. Sometimes awkward things (random boners) happen and you can’t really control them. But still…yikes.

You know what’s super awkward? Boners being present in situations where they shouldn’t be.

This pool scene started off cute, until he got a random boner just from her touching his eyebrows. Thankfully she didn’t see it, because honestly, what do you do in a situation like that? But woah…I can’t imagine how awkward it can be to get a random boner.

4. What hurts the most.

This was utterly heartbreaking.

To anyone who might be hiding their sexuality because they’re afraid for what could happen if they embrace who they really are, please know that I support you wholeheartedly and that you’re safe with me.

5. The first time = awkward!

You know what’s awkward? Having sex for the first time.

When it comes to sex, I feel like people tend to put on this facade of “yeah I know what I’m doing!” but then when it really comes down to it, they actually don’t know what they’re doing. This show is so brutally honest about sex and its awkward moments, even when she tried to kiss him and he yelped. 

This show represented the awkwardness and discomfort that comes from first times and being intimate with someone. It’s so vulnerable in its content that it makes others feel like being so open and so raw with someone (no pun intended) can be a good thing in order to grow as a person, no matter who you are and who you’re attracted to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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