A Little Thank You Letter To My Best Friend

Thank you for being my best friend. I don’t know where either of us would be today had we not met on the very first day of fifth grade.

Thank you for being the person who I’ve made tons of memories with over the 10+ years of our friendship. Whether it was going to football games on Friday nights or taking trips to the mall for a little retail therapy, you were always there.

Thank you for sticking by my side all these years. Not many people can say they’ve been best friends with someone for more than 10 years, let alone two or three. We’re one of the few who can say that, I guess.

Thank you for living right up the street from me – it definitely made hanging out with each other easier – which we did A LOT.

Thank you for being the perfect partner when it came to class assignments. Unlike some of our other classmates, we split the work evenly and helped each other out when we needed it.

Thank you for all of the trips we’ve taken to our favorite Mexican restaurant (where the server hits on us every time). We’re definitely long overdue for another trip…

Thank you for being the person who is always down for an excursion to Goodwill to hit up the dollar racks. I don’t think we’ve ever gone to Goodwill together and spent over $10 each, with most of the items being clothes you would find in the mall.

Thank you for all of the letters you wrote to me (and vice versa) from elementary school all the way to high school. Almost every single letter is locked away in a jewelry box that I sometimes open just to look back at all of the memories we’ve made.

But most of all, thank you for being you. You’re amazing just the way you are and I can’t wait for many more years of friendship. You’re the best and I hope you know it!

I’m a 26-year-old journalist and scary movie lover.

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