To The Girl Who Doesn’t Think She Is Beautiful, This Is For You

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you, that we all, have been subjected to standards of beauty that are impossible to reach. I’m sorry that society’s definition of beauty is flawed and superficial. Sure, we all want to look good in the skin we’re in. But I want you to know that the truest form of beauty radiates from the inside out. Beauty is you, exactly as you are, right now, as your most honest, authentic expression of self. But in case you’re struggling to see all that makes you beautiful, this is for you.

Dear you,

You are mountains worth of love and valleys full of kindness. You are the look of determination when someone says you can’t and the hard-to-ignore grumbling hunger for dreams bigger than your vision board. You are sunny laughs to close friends on a beachy afternoon and the warm hug to dear loved ones who melt into your strength when you say: ‘It’s going to be okay.’ You are a goddess in human form that has won heart-clamoring battles and survived to tell great tales. And you are a lioness who roars with so much conviction that opportunities can’t help but fall onto your lap.

You are a divine seductress with magnetic charm and curves to kill. And even though you’re still learning to love the skin you’re in, your body is perfect in every way. You are God’s most precious canvas. The jury’s still out on whether your eyes beam louder than your smile, or vice versa, but one thing is clear— you are a bright light in this world.

You are the girl who fights for what is right and cheers for the underdog. You are humble silence absorbed in new learnings and the gleam of wild curiosity when new adventures come calling. You are the voice of reason when dear friends ask for advice, and the devil’s advocate when they don’t. No matter what, you step up to help those in need and quietly carry the heavy aches of the world in your heart. You are soft and that means you are strong. And when you rise from devastation, betrayal, and loss, you still love, fiercely. That makes you powerful.

You are not perfect, you are unique. And every shattered breath, every broken heart, every thrashing storm that you move through, continues to sculpt the most beautiful version of your being. It’s hard, I know, shedding the layers and the pain and the expectations of your world. But in time, you will flourish and learn to trust, to know, that everything you are has always been, and always will be beautiful.

One more thing— the next time you question your own beauty, the next time you stop to compare or judge yourself, stop. Look into a mirror, stare into your own eyes, and speak: I am beautiful. Say it out loud, with conviction, as many times as you need for your heart to hear it. Make it your mantra, every day. For your beauty is not defined by the number on the scale, the gloss on your lips, the size of your bra, the shoes on your feet, or the tone of your complexion. You just simply are, beautiful. TC mark

Kelly Brown is a poet and writer, originating from Montreal.

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