17 Weird Things Girls Did With Their Friends In The Early 2000s

1. Made your own Burn Book, as well as original and innovative “rules” for your friend group, such as only being able to wear pink on Wednesdays.

2. Wore the exact same things, as you were in very specific cult-like “clique.” So you were either “cool and preppy” in Abercrombie polos layered under lace tank tops, “skater meets punk” and loving Hot Topic, or “normal but trying” in ponchos and shirts with your first initial on them.

3. Left school only to go back online and Instant Message your friends to say “hey” “sup” “nm, u?” “nm.”

4. Intentionally staged and produced photoshoots for Myspace.

5. Said LYLAS at the end of basically every conversation. Online and… not.

6. Came up with “names” for your groups like, “The Feisty Five” and then proceed to write those people’s initials in your AIM profile.

7. Came up with ever-new and inventive ways to say you wanted to be friends forever: bffl, bffeaeaeaeaea, bffuwd, bffe, etc.

8. Specifically defined who your “girls” were by their initials on your profile, unless you stuck with the: “My girls, don’t know what I’d do without you, YKWYR” route.

9. Blatantly made up initials under that part of your profile, and defined who you liked best by where they were on the list. (School best friend came first, camp friends were somewhere in the middle, random acquaintances were last.)

10. Made your “away messages” just copy/pastes of your IM convos with your BFF.

11. Actually coordinated away messages based on what you were doing, where, when, how, and who you did and didn’t want to find out about it.

12. Gave the highest form of flattery with these words: “you could like, be an Abercrombie model.”

13. Randomly just went through each other’s purses… for fun…

14. Redesigned your Myspace profiles for each other, and unknowingly taught each other HTML basics like it was NBD. ♥

15. Legitimately argued over BSB Vs. N’Sync.

16. Shopped at 5.7.9 with complete seriousness and fashionability.

17. Actually allowed each other to walk around in pleated mini-skirts, Aeropostale t-shirts, straightened bangs and scrunched gel hair and platform Volatile sneakers like at any point in time these things were flattering. #No #♥


image – Mean Girls

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