23 Things That Happen In Your Last Semester Of College

1. Have an existential breakdown, get really meta about how four years have gone by so quickly, remain in complete disbelief that you are a senior and are therefore buying your last books, taking your last classes, etc.

2. Post about said disbelief excessively on every social media outlet you can get your hands on.

3. Realize you know the wedding dates of a few of your friends, freak out.

4. Realize you know where a few of your friends will be working after graduation, freak out.

5. Think about adulthood and all the ways you’re so not cut out for it, but make jokes about it more than you actually contemplate the ways you probably can, and will, be able to function.

6. Get sentimental with your friends and tell them how much knowing them has changed you and how they are the greatest people you’ve ever known.

7. Generally just talk about how everything has “changed you.”

8. Realize that you’re probably moving back in with your parents. Accept it.

9. Enter the period of do-or-die-hustle. Manically apply to every job opening you can find, have 67 people look over your résumé, realize that applying for a full time job is a full time job.

10. Simultaneously start to not care about your school work whatsoever and care so much that you’re giving yourself bi-weekly panic attacks because you realize you have to actually pass everything to graduate.

11. Come to terms with possibly having to work at a coffee shop forever.

12. Perfect your “what you’re doing post-grad” response, get it down to a two sentence monologue that sums up the fact that you’re looking for work, waiting to hear back from a grad school but will ultimately “see what happens.”

13. Realize it’s time to start partying hard because this is the final frontier.

14. Get tired after one weekend of doing so and stop partying hard because it isn’t the final frontier.

15. Cry when you leave your campus job and do all kinds of sentimental “award” things and goodbye speeches for people.

16. Make some more statuses about your disbelief.

17. Post photos of you and your friends from freshman year and hashtag #blessed and #love and #throwback a lot.

18. Start to understand the consequences of the amount of debt you’ve taken on, realize that six months for a grace period has never felt like a shorter period of time.

19. Start to understand how much you took for granted while in school.

20. Start to understand just how much of a bubble you’ve been living in.

21. Get really emotional with professors you love, see the only benefit of graduating as being able to Facebook friend the elusive ones who wouldn’t accept until you were an alum.

22. A few months/a year out, look back on the next generation of disbelief statuses and “oh my GOD ADULTHOOD” and laugh because… hon.

23. Realize that though college was amazing, the people who say they’re the best years of your life probably aren’t doing the “rest of their life” thing right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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