18 Secrets To Being Undeniably Attractive

1. Attractiveness has almost nothing to do with how you look physically, though your natural physical disposition does play a small role. It’s mostly, if not entirely, about how you put yourself together and how you behave.

2. The most basic but overlooked staple of being attractive is smelling good. Playing into the other senses, touch (having soft skin), smell (being clean), taste (use your imagination), is what ultimately makes someone undeniably appealing, and tends to be what people will focus on more than just visual.

3. There is no one universally appealing style. It’s about what cut of clothing and accessory will emphasize the best parts of you and your personality.

4. The more you are a kind and likable person, the more people will find you attractive. People are naturally quicker to associate good looks with a good person, and vice versa.

5. Your natural hair color will always be most flattering.

6. Attractiveness has nothing to do with weight or size, it’s how you carry yourself, which translates to what your mindset about yourself and your body is.

7. Ill-fitting clothes and shoes are the worst thing you can do to yourself, both for the sake of comfort, as well as for appearances. The fact of the matter is that no woman looks sexy in heels she can’t walk in and no person looks hot in a pair of pants that are a size too small.

8. Less is always more, especially re: makeup. Though swaths of women would probably disagree, that’s coming from a place of insecurity, not truth.

9. Attractive people always have personal style staples that they incorporate into their “look.” Figure out what about you you like most, and play that up. It makes you more confident, which is arguably even more important than the feature itself.

10. Without cleanliness, attractiveness doesn’t go far.

11. You never see yourself as you actually are. Remember that every time you think a photo of you is terrible. Take stock in having something more important about you. Have your looks be the cherry on top of your attractive-ass sundae.

12. There is seldom an attractive person who complains about being unattractive, even if they feel that way sometimes.

13. Attractive people are always appropriately dressed for the situation at hand. It’s never appealing to be underdressed for an interview or inappropriately clothed for a funeral. Be respectful of your circumstances.

14. Likewise, dress for the weather. If someone looks freezing or uncomfortable, that is what people will be focusing on, not that they look great in a certain small skirt, but just that they’re probably freezing their ass off in the dead of winter.

15. The more you emphasize your natural features, especially the ones that are “quirky” or different, the more uniquely appealing you become.

16. Though, as I’ve said, weight does not matter, health does. And the difference is this: regardless of what you look like, it’s not attractive if you can’t walk up a flight of stairs without needing to sit down and catch your breath.

17. Fitness will always be more attractive than thinness.

18. Pushing your attractiveness in other people’s faces will not convince them that you are appealing looking. People call Beyonce a goddess because she wouldn’t say that herself and mock Kanye because he would. That’s the best analogy I could think of for this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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