The 15 Prettiest Things Girls Do

1. Smile in the middle of a kiss, and then pull back and look at you and laugh a little. You don’t really know why they’re laughing, and for all you know, it’s at you, but hey whatever because they look gorgeous while doing it.

2. Keep their living space in a slight state of disarray. I think the things people surround themselves with say a lot about them, and there’s nothing more beautiful than getting to peek at what a girl keeps on her dresser, or whatever other little sentimental things she likes to keep around her.

3. Call you late at night not because they’re crying or upset or need someone, but just because they want to say hi, and see how your day went.

4. When asked a question, they stop and furrow their foreheads and genuinely think about the answer– not because they’re confused, not because they don’t know what to say, but because they are really, honestly thinking something through before responding.

5. Read pretty books, no matter what they are actually about, as long as for that girl, there is some deeper meaning, some reason they’re pulled in.

6. When they do something so gender-role oriented it takes you aback, like make you dinner and sit you down and serve it to you to the point where you’re nearly uncomfortable because you don’t want her to think she has to, but you know she is because she wants to show you she cares.

7. On the contrary, when girls are completely gender-role defiant, and wear the pants or the men’s chino shorts and make plans for dinner and whisk you off your feet because oh my God (am I right or..?)

8. That look they get when they’re wandering around somewhere new and they’re genuinely interested by what they’re seeing or doing and it’s like they don’t care whether or not you hold the conversation the whole time, their minds are in places far better than in the worries of social nuances.

9. When they wake up without makeup on and don’t mention that they “look so terrible” and actually don’t care that they’re bare-faced because they just assume you love them for more than what they look like.

10. When they let their hair down at the end of the day and it smells like their shampoo and all of their other girl-like wonderfulness and this is especially beautiful if you’re really close to them, preferably making out, but hey, you take what you can get.

11. When you are able to sit with them for hours and talk about stupid things and important things and personal things and whatever other things your heart so desires.

12. Order a craft beer.

13. When they have another girl’s back, even if it’s someone society tells them they should be “against.”

14. When they speak kindly of their parents, their exes, their former friends, and acknowledge the ways they are good people although they may have done things to hurt them in the past.

15. When they honestly and earnestly ask for help, especially when it comes to major life things. When they admit that they don’t have it all together and sometimes they do worry too much about what they look like and they are just entirely honest with you, in a refreshing way that makes you want to be honest with them as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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