6 Things People Want You To Do In Bed But Just Won’t Say So

1. To not touch or stare at the parts they are shy or embarrassed about unless it is in a hot and/or lovingly gentle way.

There is a huge difference between getting close to someone and letting them know that you love their body just the way it is and judgmentally looking at something thinking oh. Trust me, people always know when you’re doing the latter, its written all over your face.

2. To not hold back whilst going downtown.

Get all up in there and all down on it and don’t do it half assed because it just makes people feel like they’re gross or unworthy or something. Literally make love to their body parts the best you are able.

3. To realize that the mind is the most important sex organ.

You need to understand what gets your partner going, and do that thing– again and again until you stumble upon the next thing that makes them lose their mind. You have to immerse someone.

4. When their minds start to wander, bring them back.

Usually mind-wandering also involves worrying… about how something looks, if they’re making you feel good, whether or not they should orgasm yet. Tell them its okay. Affirm how hot it is when they ________.

5. To stop when they say no to something and to not bring it up again.

Do not make subtle facial expressions or comments like, hey, you wanna do X again? Because if they said no once, subtly pressuring them into doing it again, while not forcing them, is a terrible, terrible feeling.

6. To say what feels good and what doesn’t.

Nobody wants to be between your legs getting tongue cramps or gagging all the while you’re thinking… a little bit higher… a little bit deeper. Just say something, nicely. Everybody will be glad you did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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