12 Truths About Being Homeschooled


I was homeschooled my entire life. From the beginning to the end of my education. Whenever I am asked where I attended high school I sigh, tell them and wait for questions, judgement, and shock. So let’s just clear up a few things about homeschoolers and get it all out in the open once and for all:

1. I am not in a cult. It’s surprising how many times I have been asked this.

2. No I am not a super genius. I was great at some things and REALLY bad at others. Just like any other student, I occasionally needed extra help or a tutor.

3. I did extracurricular activities just like anyone else. When I was younger we did a lot of field trips, I was involved in youth group growing up, played softball in the summer, took art classes, and interacted with plenty of people my age.

4. I didn’t get to sleep all day and do nothing. I did get to sleep in as a teenager because my mom understood the importance of sleep, but when I got up I got my stuff done. I didn’t skip things for fun (although I did always get my birthday off!) I actually did school work.

5. I wasn’t sheltered! I promise I wasn’t locked in my house unable to interact with the outside world! I had friends that were homeschooled and friends that went to public/private school. I watched the same tv shows, played the same games, and ate all the same food.

6. No I don’t feel like I missed out on traditions. I went to a homeschool prom three times. It wasn’t overly glamorous but it was fun and I got the experience. I actually went to football games! Although I was homeschooled for my entire education, my three siblings have all attended school at some point. My sister attended high school her senior year and I tagged along to all the plays, football games, and everything else.

7. I don’t feel like it held me back when I got to college. It was a weird adjustment but I was okay. I graduated high school and started college when I was 17 and I did just fine. I got good grades, made friends, and enjoyed it. It was just different.

8. I still dealt with drama. Drama isn’t just in the physical school it comes with the age. I had fights with my friends, had my first relationship, got my first job and struggled with school itself. There were ups and downs. I wasn’t excluded from that.

9. I don’t resent my parents. I truly am so grateful to my parents for making the selfless decision to homeschool. I don’t tell them enough or really ever but their decision really shaped the person I am. I was given opportunities a lot of kids weren’t.

10. I am not socially awkward (Well I am but that’s just me.) I learned to interact with not just people my age but people of every age.

11. It didn’t hinder me as a person. In fact it put me ahead. I learned to be independent, clean, cook, do yard work, and how to get along with my siblings. I found a passion for reading, writing, and was able to work part time.

12. I didn’t lack human interaction. I was involved as much as I WANTED to be. I went to youth group, played softball, had friends, and spent a lot of time with my grandparents. In fact if I wasn’t homeschooled I would have barely seen my dad due to his work schedule.

My peers might have gotten pep rallies but I got life skills, experience, and independence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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