Why You Should Keep Your Virginity, From Someone That Gave It Up

Flickr / Caro
Flickr / Caro

I kept my virginity through about three boyfriends and 21 years of my life. I kept it by choice although there was definitely not a short of offers or opportunities. I had always planned on keeping said virginity until I was married for several reasons including parental influences, religious reasons, morals, and determination that I was doing best for me.

It didn’t go as well when I started dating my current boyfriend. He’s my best friend, the love of my life, and hopefully my future husband. We both intended to wait together but simply made a mistake followed by making it a lot more. I have no regrets as I have already done it and I am a strong believer that guilt can destroy a person. But, I know from waiting and no longer waiting the pluses of waiting and felt like someone else could benefit. So here we go, a list of reasons your virginity is worth saving for those feeling unsure.

1. You get to focus more on your relationship has a unit, as a team, and as a friendship. I am not saying that we aren’t still all these things but by waiting, even as long as we did we built a strong foundation that we knew was real.

2. You won’t question or doubt your decision. I am not ashamed to say I cried afterwards. I walked around like a zombie for two days feeling lost and unsure. It was something I knew I wanted to keep and let it go so quickly I could hardly react.

3. You won’t question why the person you’re with is with you! You know it’s you as a person and not the sexual benefits.

4. You will get to plan and feel prepared. If I had it my way I would have been 50 pounds lighter, it would have been my wedding night, and I would have been rocking gorgeous lingerie.

5. You won’t wait for your period to show up freaking out that you would have to tell your parents in a way that is totally not what you planned on Pinterest. Seriously though.

6. You will feel like it’s safe to talk to those around you. Telling my closest friends was the hardest thing I have ever done considering EVERY ONE knew I was a virgin. But I felt unsure about things and had questions to ask.

Whatever choice you make you have to live with at the end of the day. It’s okay to wait to lose your virginity. It’s okay to lose it. It’s your choice, your decision, your body. Choose wisely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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