20 Simple Power Moves To Put On Your Bucket List

Some things you can do in life are inexplicably more badass than others. Power moves can be as simple as an unblinking stare or a discreet poop, but all of them have one thing in common: they will make you feel really fucking cool.

image - Flickr / Davi Ozolin
image – Flickr / Davi Ozolin

1. Unfollowing someone on Twitter.

2. Deleting someone from Facebook.

3. Happily eating a meal alone at a restaurant, with no book, phone or other distractions.

4. Looking at someone in the eye, without deviation, when you’re talking to them.

5. Secretly using the toilet (poop or wee) when you’re on the phone.

6. Handshake tipping.

7. Walking out of a movie you’re not enjoying.

8. Being a “regular” at a bar or restaurant and having the staff bring you your order before you even ask for anything.

9. Smiling/nodding politely at a stranger you pass in the street.

10. Making direct eye contact with the person you are cutting off while driving.

11. If you’re a girl, not wearing a bra.

12. Ordering a BLT while laying on a sunlounger on the beach.

13. Wearing novelty socks with an expensive tux.

14. Wearing no underwear under your clothes and going out in public.

15. Smiling at anyone that gives you a dirty look.

16. Remembering everyone’s name at a party after only being introduced once.

17. Having a firm handshake.

18. Actually choosing wine from a menu based on taste, knowing how to pronounce the names, and not just pointing dumbly at the cheapest one.

19. Standing with perfect posture.

20. Picking up an entire check for a group dinner without flinching. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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