Ranking The MBTI Types By Who Is The First To Fall In Love

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Your being sociable connects you with people in a deep way because you open your heart to them so widely. You’re an appreciative person so enjoying sweet gestures from someone makes you fall in love so quickly. Relationships are your world so a romantic one is something you can’t live without. You fall in love fast so you can move on easily as well. You have a charming aura to everyone right away so there are rarely chances that you’ll feel lonely.


You are oriented with excitement and passion. You love loving because of the butterflies it brings. You will jump headfirst into it and won’t give a second thought to expressing your feelings because you are that type who never likes to miss opportunities. Oftentimes you don’t even mind if that person has the same feelings for you. Fear won’t hinder you from falling in love, you’d rather satiate your heart’s longing for the enjoyment of romantic love.


You might be surprised you’re on the third spot despite being an introvert but you are a walking symbolism of emotion so you are wired to feel in a blink of an eye. Hence, falling in love is easy and quick for you, although you will not be expressive about it. In fact, your being reserved is what sensitizes you because you know you won’t pressure yourself to act on that emotion anyway. As an INFP, your mind is a factory of fancy imaginations and that makes you connect deeply with people in your own covert ways. One sweet gesture from them and that mind will start to wander beyond reality, romantically. Once you fall in love, you immerse yourself in its ecstasy and the more you enjoy it just within, the deeper your feeling goes. And sometimes, just keeping it within is enough.


You fall in love quickly out of your adrenaline. In a world full of deliberate patterns, you are the random. You are very expressive. Once you want something, you will get it—no matter what it takes. If you have a crush on someone, you will instantly consider it falling in love not because you naturally feel it, but because you want to feel it as soon as possible. You act on a simple liking right away and that’s why you also fall in love so easily.


You are a person of determination because you know exactly what you want and you will chase after it—including love. That’s what makes it easy for you to fall for people. When you are attracted to someone you will make ways to pursue that person and express what you feel for them even if it you have to make the first move. Even if it seems like you are in a rush. Your intentions are very vivid and so luckily, they usually fall for you too.


Your curiosity is what makes you fall in love so easily. A little hint of emotion and you’ll dive right into it. When you’re intrigued by someone, you’ll take risks to get answers. That’s why when you are interested in a person you quickly internalize the feelings you have for them, and seek affirmations from both internal and external forces. It won’t take you a long time before you realize you’re falling because you’re innately a risk-taker—you will just assume the feeling, and then you will need to affirm it. The greater the mystery, the deeper you fall.


You are also powered by curiosity but with more caution. You will not assume “falling in love” right away but your eagerness to learn eventually confirms it. You are more analytical when it comes to your inner investigations of what you feel because aside from satisfying your curiosity, you also want substantial results. Meaning, you are after a commitment when you fall in love, not just satisfaction. You want to be sure of that person even if you fell in love with them a little quickly.


You’re in the middle because you have this sense of seriousness when it comes to emotions. You restrain yourself from being molded by your emotions right away. Instead, you will slow down and make sure that what you feel is true and rational. You are a bit more practical than the extroverts above, but you definitely also enjoy the risks of loving and showing it right away. It’s just that you are restricted and it’s not just for your own sake but also for who you fancy. Commitment is important to you.


You are into long term dating because you want to know more about the person first before you confirm falling in love. Why? Because you love so lavishly. The quickness of your falling should depend on your counterpart. Are they worth your immense love? Are they going to reciprocate it? Your passion will either hinder you or push you in a snap. But despite their shortcomings, you will continue to pour your love out.

10. ISFJ

You are a selfless person that’s why it takes you so long to fall in love. Before you finally fall for them, you make sure that you are already knowledgeable about their needs and desires on how they want to be loved. You think so much about it that you are afraid to commit to them immediately because you don’t want to hurt them. Your being observant can also cause a delay because you are also after compatibility. You want to make sure that both of you can share life goals.

11. ISTP

You make sure that there is balance in the act of falling in love. You entertain the feeling but you offer them specific credentials in order for them to enter your life, because you aim for your love to be requited. You play with them just to check if they are really deserving of space in your heart by showing them your dark side. This gives you mixed emotions until you realize you have actually fallen for them. Nonetheless, it’s worth the confusion when it turns out they are your forever person.

12. ISTJ

You are into that friendship-turned-into-romantic-relationship scheme. You fall in love easily, but only with someone who you’ve known for a long time. There has to be consistency between you and a trust built over time. Also, familiarity is very important to you because you want to be very sure of your compatibility. You may have felt it even before you admitted it but you have chosen to clam up because you value a long term relationship. Traditional dating is quite a tool for you to determine if they’re the one. And often, it hurts most for you when/if you end up splitting.

13. ISFP

You try it hard to restrict your emotions for as long as you can. You can’t even admit to yourself you have fallen in love because you are afraid of being hurt as you are a person who loves immensely and truly. You don’t easily show off what you feel because you are a believer of soulmates which you can only find through serendipity. If they are the one, you will know it—that’s what you prefer to stick to. You are a person whose heart can be moved easily and that’s why you want to be guarded and unexpressive. The only thing you believe in is that true love waits, and it will just knock on your door at the right time.

14. INTJ

You are very logical. Your emotions can never control you. If you care, you care secretly but you will not allow yourself to just fall and go with the flow. You try to look every tiny detail of the potentials but of course, you are still willing to give in to it only if it fits your principles. It takes you time to fall in love because of your calculations and how you will take note of the future problems and solutions once you’re in it. So it’s not that you’re just a stone. You may not fall so easily, but when you do, you will find it hard to fall out of it because of the deliberate action plans you have made.

15. ESFJ

You are a conventional and realistic type of lover which is why you are picky when it comes to love. You don’t just fall for anybody instantly because you already know what you want, and it’s someone who can maturely share a life with you. You firmly believe in the give-and-take principle and you cringe at one-sided love. Since you already have standards, you would rather not fall but choose who to love and that might take time. After all, you have that ability to really love hard.

16. INFJ

You have the highest walls because you are so independent. Yes, you still fall in love but you guard that heart because you know your priorities—and the main one is yourself. You want to pursue your dreams first before you allow yourself to be intoxicated by love. And your falling takes a person who is strong enough to eradicate your walls. You are not bitter, you are not too conventional, or feigning chastity, you are just a person who puts your ambitions first. You think not just twice but a billion times before you entertain your emotions. Falling in love is something you treat like a reward after your priorities have been ticked off. And when that time comes, your love shall flow like the strong, running streams—nonstop, all pure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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