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I’m A Creepy Neighbor

Just then I noticed a Barbie head a few feet over. And it looked like a real Barbie, not a misshapen, bald head. As I got closer, I realized it was just the head and neck, and a bit of shoulders.

Visiting A Psychic

Carol led me into the cave and closed the door slowly behind us with a devilish grin. She’s really legit! I thought to myself.

Screw Mayonnaise

Don’t you hate those people who talk about their diets all the time? They go on and on about how they’re “so into lentils right now,” and how they’ve stopped eating gluten because it’s bad for everyone, and how they’ve never been to a Taco Bell and want to keep that streak alive.


I ended up “developing” early, or so it seemed. When you’re a fat kid, people always think you’re developing boobs, even if you’re a boy.

An Adult’s Guide To Playing With Dolls

Enter: Ken doll. The girl dolls would all swoon and giggle as the Ken doll entered and sized them all up. He’d go down the line, one by one, and introduce himself to each doll. I played the voice of Ken and all the unclaimed Barbies.