15 Signs The Kiss Meant Something


1. You’re still thinking about it. You’re thinking about it right now.

2. You’re trying to convince yourself it meant nothing, which is the opposite of not caring about it.

3. There’s someone you absolutely can not tell about this kiss.

4. You haven’t talked about it with the person since it happened but there’s this weird, new electricity between you now.

5. You feel uncomfortable near them and your skin is thrumming and oh boy, is it hot in here?

6. You want to kiss them again just to make sure you felt nothing.

7. You can’t stop thinking about their lips. What kind of lip balm were they using? That’s all you’re thinking about. Totally.

8. You saw fireworks when they touched you. Your world exploded. Your nether regions tingled. You wanted to throw them against a wall and keep going at it.

9. You’ve said the words “it mean nothing” to yourself so many times it almost doesn’t sound like English anymore.

10. You’d thought about kissing them or had a dream about kissing them long before it actually happened.

11. You were pretending to be drunker than you actually were. You know it. Come on.

12. You fantasize about a situation where it would be more appropriate for you to have kissed them. Like if you guys were aliens on another planet or if you were star-crossed lovers during the Civil War.

13. You’re afraid you can’t trust yourself to be around them without being on your guard. More kisses could happen and obviously that just can not be.

14. Your fingers threaded through their hair and on their neck when you were kissing. They had really soft hair.

15. You think of it as “The Kiss” with capital letters and you clicked this link knowing exactly what I was talking about. And now you’re turned on. TC Mark


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