Just So You Know, You’ll Never Meet A Woman Like Me Again


I gave you so much, but you were closed off to the idea that goodness could exist. You’re cynical and you see what you want to see: that a woman who loves too much is one who loves only for her own gain.

I wish you could see that everything I felt for you was genuine. Not everyone is like you, not everyone manipulates people in order to get what they want. I wanted to love you. You wanted the hollow shell of what we could have been.

For your own good, I need to inform you that women like me do not come around that often.

There are people out there who don’t care about hurting you. They want to use you for what you can give to them and then move on when the relationship no longer suits them. They won’t care about supporting you or showing you the love you need. They’ll be with you until someone hotter or richer or more flashy comes along.

I don’t know if you’ll miss me then, but I do hope your eyes will open about the kind of woman you should be with. The world is too big to be with someone who is shallow. You deserve more than that, I hope you can see it soon even if I can’t wait around for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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