41 Signs You Went To The University Of Minnesota


1. You lived in the Superblock. (T-Hall, Frontier, Pioneer, Centennial)

2. You call it “the U” in passing and everyone knows exactly what you mean.

3. You heard the rumor that Emily Rose of “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” lived in Pioneer Hall.

4. You learned several acronyms for Edina (Every Day I Need Attention/Every Day I Need Allowance/etc)

Collin Anderson
Collin Anderson

5. You stood in long, winding lines at Mesa Pizza waiting for a slice of mac & cheese.

6. Two-for-one Long Islands at Blarney erased more than a few memories.

7. You knew you could get in underage at Downtime bar in the Dinkydome.

10. RIP, Dinkytowner.

11. You wrote in to Dr. Date.

12. You tailgated at every football game, but you rarely actually made it inside.

13. You lived in a really crappy house in the Como neighborhood, but you didn’t care if your walls were caving in!

14. You remember Dinkytown sans its new high-rises, Verizon stores and CVSes.

Richie Diesterheft
Richie Diesterheft

15. You took your parents to the Loring Pasta Bar when they came to visit, but if it was too busy you went to Annie’s instead.

16. You were there during the Spring Jam Riots.

Positively 4th Street
Positively 4th Street

17. You brag about Bob Dylan having lived in Dinkytown… as does every apartment complex. “Bob Dylan lived here!” they all claim. We’re not so sure.

18. You rarely went over to the St. Paul campus because it smelled like a barn.

19. Who hates Iowa? WE HATE IOWA.

20. You celebrated every birthday at Burrito Loco’s birthday night.

21. If you were an artsy kid, you got drinks at the Kitty Cat Klub, but even you ended up at the Library bar towards the end of the night.

22. You made sure to keep an eye on the ever-changing colors of the SAE lions on Frat Row.

23. You know that Coffman Memorial Union is shaped like a gopher head.

24. You remember the Harvard Market.

25. You know there was an underground “gopher way” to get between buildings when it was extra-cold, but nobody took it because it added 45 minutes to your daily walk.

Collin Anderson
Collin Anderson

26. You knew NOT to get breakfast at Al’s when you were super hungover on the weekend because it was guaranteed to be cramped, frantic and hot.

27. However, you’re passionate about the future safety of Al’s Breakfast. You’ll sign any petition to keep it on campus!

28. You screamed yourself hoarse yelling SKI-U-MAH at games. (What does SKI-U-MAH even mean, anyway?)

29. If you were a Liberal Arts kid, you hated on Carlson. And vice versa.


30. You brag about Honeycrisp apples being created by the U.

31. You walked to the West Bank for fishbowls at Sgt. Preston’s and waited in line to use their ONE ladies’ room stall.

32. You were always suspicious of the kids who lived on the West Bank freshman year.


33. If you were a girl who actually got dressed for class, you got more than your fair share of stink-eye from the chicks in sweatpants, Uggs and a North Face.

34. You spiked your morning coffee with Bailey’s to stay warm on your walk to class in frigid February.

37. You were allowed, and even encouraged, to get rowdy at hockey games.

38. You would love to own the “chicken painting” at the Weisman Art Museum.

39. You were super excited when Raising Cane’s chicken fingers restaurant opened in Stadium Village.

40. You still drive back to campus to get waxed for cheap at the Refinery.

University of Minnesota's Facebook Page
University of Minnesota’s Facebook Page

41. Reading this list made you think, “Damn, I miss college.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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