What Your Nightly Pjs Of Choice Say About You


Let’s face it: pajamas have really come a long way. They have gone from sleepwear to loungewear to even daywear. Pjs make appearances in schools, stores, movie theatres and diners. Perhaps it’s because designers have taken an interest in sleepwear, adding stylish details and frills that deserve to be seen. Or maybe it’s because pj’s lose fitting silhouettes contribute to max comfort A.KA. a girl’s bff. “Say no more!” – Every girl everywhere. Which type of PJs do you fancy?

Old concert shirt and some sort of sweatpants

You are the girl next door who doesn’t take anything too seriously, including bedtime fashion. Because really, why? So your dreams respect you? No, because sleeping is for reenergizing and procrastinating. I get it, gurl.

Silk-Mrs. Robinson-esque nighties

You go the extra mile in life and it doesn’t stop when you sleep. Life is a celebration and you are going to be dressed accordingly! You are the Great Gatspy of Leo films and wherever he and his cocktail are, they are toasting your kind.

Birthday suit

Sleeping in the nude is pretty damn cozy. Newborns get it, right guys? There is something completely comforting about being wrapped in sheets that is ultimate blanket #cuddlegoals.

Boy shorts and a sports bra

You are a fan of the birthday suit but prefer things not be flopping around like fish outta water. Plus, you are considerate of your roommate’s eyes and social boundaries or whatever. These undergarments are freeing but courteous at the same time, which is why you mesh so well.

‘I’’s dotted and ‘T’’s crossed

You, my friend, are either a complex character or filthy rich because you went ahead and ordered custom designed pjs with your initials sewn onto the left breast pocket. Words that define you include direct, organized, analytical, but also posh. You lead a busy, no-bullshit existence but you adhere to the finer things in life. #WorkHardPlayHard Or maybe I’m completely wrong and you’re a penniless tween who aspires an aristocratic lifestyle and therefore added these swanky garments to your Christmas list.


A onesie is kind of like a condom for the body to sleep in. But talk about fashion! Amiright? Chances are your onesie makes for either a cute furry animal or some sort of super hero. Not to mention, you are SET for Halloween this year. Two birds, my friend. I am mentally high-fiving you rn. One zip and you are ready to take on the world! Or like, wash the sink full of dishes. But yeah, beats wearing old gym clothes.

Boyfriend’s t-shirt

You two are The Notebook couple of your group. Independence is important but godammit you LOVE this man! You will be found sound asleep wrapped in his old high school basketball t-shirt with his unique sandalwood-musk scent and just a hint of batshitcrazy if you feel like it.

Last night’s club-hopping getup

You got buck last night; and by buck I mean you threw those Tequila sunrises back like there wasn’t going to be another sunrise. You got home and landed fully clothed, face-first, makeup still partially intact onto your non-judgmental down comforter, which is how your blankets are use to seeing you. These are your pjs at least 2-3 times a week because you know what, life is short, you’re short, alcohol is fun, you’re mildly to mediocrely fun and Donald Trump hasn’t yet won.

Pizza pj set

Maybe yours is a breakfast-crazed bacon and eggs duo, a short stack blueberry pancake pattern, or a pink frosting with sprinkles doughnut parade. I don’t know your taste buds. The point is, you wear your heart on your matching pj set, and your heart is hardy, juicy, nutrition deficient, coma-induced calories.


You’re literally 80-year-old Rose Dawson from Titanic about to drop some serious skrilla off the back of a boat. I feel like you’ll regret this later, but that’s just me. Dope nightgown though, girlfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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