50 Stupidly Simple Things Naked Men Want You To Do While You’re Riding Their Dick

A girl about to get naked

1. Grab your breasts.

2. Play with your nipples.

3. Rub your clit. 

4. Moan. 

5. Dig your nails into his chest. 

6. Pull his hair. 

7. Kiss him on the neck. 

8. Kiss him on the lips. 

9. Move your hips in figure eights. 

10. Tell him how wet you are.

11. Tell him how good his dick feels inside you. 

12. Say his name. 

13. Grab his hands and place them on your ass.

14. Grab his hands and place them on your hips. 

15. Grab his hands and place them on your tits. 

16. Squeeze your kegel muscles. 

17. Pin down his arms.

18. Scratch him. 

19. Bite him. 

20. Choke him. 

21. Put handcuffs on him. 

22. Place a blindfold around his eyes. 

23. Tell him how sexy he looks. 

24. Play with your hair. 

25. Alternate your pace. 

26. Remove your bra.

27. Let him suck on your tits.

28. Suck on his fingers. 

29. Tie his wrists to the bedpost. 

30. Run your hands along his body.

31. Look him in the eyes.

32. Stroke his hair.

33. Grab his ass.

34. Squeeze his ass. 

35. Slap his ass.

36. Stay confident.

37. Don’t worry about what you look like, because he’s definitely enjoying the view.

38. Keep the lights on so he can see your entire body.

39. Act like you are having the best sex of your life.

40. Wear crotchless underwear.

41. Wear lingerie

42. Talk dirty to him. 

43. Turn around so he can watch your ass instead.

44. Play music in the background. 

45. Play porn in the background. 

46. Tell him you want to see him orgasm.

47. Let him finish in your mouth. 

48. Let him finish on your ass. 

49. Let him finish on your chest.

50. Let him finish inside of you. TC mark

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