25 Five-Star Horror Movies To Watch With The Lights Off And Your Headphones On

Grab a bag of popcorn and a friend you can hide behind so you can watch these 5-star horror movies from Ask Reddit.

Horror movies
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1. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

“I’ll go with something new that slipped under the radar.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Don’t watch a trailer. Don’t read a synopsis. Just watch it.” — joemarblez

2. The Wailing

“The Wailing, it’s on Netflix and is easily the scariest movie I’ve seen.” — chrizzle420 

3. Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

“Exceptional movie. Highly advise anyone to watch it, but don’t read a synopsis, review or anything, go in blind.” — FullMetalCOS

4. Eraserhead

“Eraserhead – even if it’s not exactly horror, I found it to be absolutely terrifying. Horror is most effective when it succeeds at creating an atmosphere of discomfort and dread, and Eraserhead does exactly that, better than any movie I’ve ever seen.” — thurn_und_taxis

5. As Above, So Below

“I really liked As Above, So Below on Netflix. Very creepy. Didn’t have to be supernatural at all to be creeped out about the catacombs.” — Flyplanehigh

6. Bone Tomahawk

“Bone Tomahawk. Fucking hell that is one scary movie, the only other horror movies that have actually scared me are Silent Hill and Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind. Other stuff makes me not want to turn the lights off, but those movies made me want to sit in a corner with my wrecking bar.” — GJokaero 

7. The Descent

“The Descent is scary on two levels; the monsters and the claustrophobia.” — XrangerX123

8. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

“One of my favorites of all time—What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? The story is great, and Bette Davis is a master at playing a complete psycho. Joan Crawford is great too, but this is Bette’s movie for sure. Plus I think it has a nice twist at the end.” — creativedabbler

9. Dead Silence

“Dead Silence wrecked my fucking world. It was my first horror movie and it left me fucked up for days. The end was such a mind fuck it made me question life.

I also really loved House Of Wax. It wasn’t the best movie, but it was super creative and unique IMO.

I’d say The Conjuring and Sinister are my two favorite modern horror films. Unlike today’s standards, they don’t resort to cheap thrills and jump scares. A horror movie truly needs to be a psychological thriller at the same time or it loses its punch.” — __celli

10. The Wicker Man 

“How has no-one said the original ‘The Wicker Man? For most of the film you’re just unsettled and unnerved, but the last 10 minutes is just pure terror. An incredible bit of filmmaking, and Edward Woodward is superb throughout. Don’t care at all for the remake though.” — JackHunt32

11. The Orphanage

“The Orphanage, such a terrifyingly wonderful movie! Totally worth reading subtitles for the whole movie. It really gets you into the film. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it!” — AHeftyPotatoBattery

12. 28 Days Later

“It remains, to this day, the best ‘infection, zombie-esque’ film produced. The cinematography, effects and tone are completely dreadful and still as terrifying as when it first came out. In my eyes, no other film in the genre comes close in brutality and horror. It really started the whole mainstream zombie obsession.” — arntseaj

13. A Tale of Two Sisters

“A Tale of Two Sisters. Just… damn.” — umbrellaphant 

14. Mama

“Not sure what kind of critical reception it got, but Mama was quite good in my opinion. It kept me very interested and didn’t seem terribly cliched! I’ve watched it a few times now, hasn’t gotten old yet.” — janky_bones

15. Candyman

“I watched this movie as a kid and it gave me nightmares for like a week. I couldn’t look into a mirror for awhile.” — d1xienormous

16. Devil’s Rejects

“Devil’s Rejects is one of the best movies ever made. Ever.” — Penya23

17. Don’t Breathe

“Don’t Breathe was pretty rough. My jaw was on the floor for most of it.” — puertovixan 

18. Get Out

“Get Out fucked with me. It was a great film and subverted a lot of expectations while using imagery that was so indicative of flight, flight, or freeze that everything really got a reaction out of me.” — TheLastParade

19. Rosemary’s Baby

“I really liked Rosemary’s Baby. I saw it a few years ago and was sucked into it. I love how it doesn’t count on cheap thrills and leaves a lot to be imagined. Just the whole situation for Rosemary is psychologically frightening.” — sensicle

20. Insidious

“I think people crap all over this movie too much, it’s the only horror movie I can think of that’s both consistently terrifying and actually has a good story with good characters and good acting.” — leadabae

21. The Ring 

“The Ring fucked me up so bad. It really mastered the art of making everything unsettling as fuck.” — Phil_Drill

22. The Blair Witch Project

“The first time I watched ‘The Blair Witch’ I was haunted by the ending. Watching it now I’m fine but I will never forget the feeling I had when I first watched it. There’s only a few horrors that have that with me.” — Alternate-thinking

23. The Shining

“Recently saw it at a theater for the first time. One of the best castings ever for a horror – if not the best – was Nicholson in this one. When I was younger it was terrifying. But one thing I grew to love about it as a grew older was how terrifying Mr. Torrance was as a man. Even before he totally lost it, he displayed some signs of being emotionally, mentally and physically abusive. Any one who grew up with an mentally abusive, kinda narcissistic/selfish type can probably relate to how terrifying Nicholson’s portrayal was.” — Isansa 

24. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

“I do love many horror movies but few I’ve seen have managed to capture the rawness and grittiness this one has. Sure many have pulled me in to make it feel like I was there but this one was top notch.

SPOILERS: I hate jump scares but when she’s in the forest and the guy shines the flashlight up and it lands on Leatherface holding his chainsaw up, I jumped pretty good at that one. Unlike most jump scares, I was freaked out for a good while as he was chasing her.” — _coyotes_

25. Alien

“Its physical perfection is matched only by its hostility.

For me the most terrifying aspect was that it’s behavior and lifecycle were based on real lifeforms here on earth…” — brsmith77 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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