Angelina Jolie in 'Eternals'

MCU Fans Revisit ‘Eternals’ Hate Following Critical Flop ‘Secret Invasion’

Did ‘Eternals’ deserve all the hate it received when it premiered? Many viewers argue it’s one of the most undervalued MCU installments. How could it be worse than the recently-released ‘Secret Invasion?’

Secret Invasion is the latest MCU project to join a short list of Marvel productions with “rotten” scores on Rotten Tomatoes. It joins Eternals and Quantamania, but it’s important to note that Thor: Love and Thunder barely squeaked by with a critics’ consensus of 63%; the cutoff for “fresh” is 60%. 

While Secret Invasion has arguably earned its deplorable 56% score, as it is overwrought with exposition and endless talking, Eternals enthusiasts argue that the Chloé Zhao film is a misunderstood and underappreciated treasure. Did critics simply dismiss it on behalf of its unique approach to the superhero genre? Eternals benefits from resonant themes, beautiful on-location cinematography, and gripping characterizations. However, it garnered a shockingly-low 47% critics’ consensus (despite the 77% approval rating from audiences). Here’s what folks on Twitter have to say. 

‘Eternals’ is far superior to its low-rated siblings

Watched it again…still don’t get the critical condemnation

Did ‘She-Hulk’ receive a little unearned adoration?

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ was kind of a mess…sorry Taika

‘Eternals’ rocks… and we will die on this hill

Do we see spot a misogynistic trend?

It was different…that doesn’t automatically make it bad 

The writing and special effects are top-notch

Be careful what you say about ‘Eternals.’ We will write you off

Angelina Jolie with THAT look…sold

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