How To Keep Your Woman In Check

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A while back I was dating this girl who kept making a fuss about every little thing possible. We’d be eating dinner and she would screech that she does not like the sauce or that the steak was overcooked. She would complain when I’d watch television and demand that I switch it over to watch her crappy shows. The more I caved in to her childish demands, the more she would whine and moan. I started thinking: “How do I get her to stop doing this?”

I had to train her like I would train a puppy or a child. After a quick and stern “no,” she soon learned that coming up with silly little demands was not the right thing to do. But it does not stop there, as we know that most modern women tend to become rather spiteful and will only make more demands to cause a scene. In order for her to learn the difference between right and wrong, you must reward her for positive behavior. For example, find out the times her shows are on and record them for her. Or if you are not bothered about what time your shows are on, record them to view later.

Do not “punish” her, as this will be counterproductive to her training. The only “punishment” that you should dole out is to ignore her. You want to guide her and encourage her to be the great person you know she is, and you can only do that by displaying great leadership skills. Always stay calm, and under no circumstances use physical violence. Violence is not a leadership skill and should never be used.

Here are common forms of disruptive behavior she may display and what you should do:

1. She makes a massive scene in a public place (crazy chick favorite).

Leave her where she is and wander off. You do not need to be around her when she is like that, and passersby will see a crazy woman screaming at nothing.

2. She gives you an ultimatum.

She tells you it is a choice between her and whatever is you are doing. Do you really need her if she is acting this way? Probably not, so why let her do it? Tell her that what you are doing is important to you, and it’s her choice to leave. Do not push her out the door, but do not cave in to her petty rants.

3. She accuses you of cheating on her.

Regardless of the truth, deny it. She can’t be angry at what she doesn’t know, and the chances are she will forget about it soon enough. Remember, she is easily distracted so you could show her a picture of something cute like a puppy or a kitten.

4. She is indecisive on where to eat.

Pick somewhere you like and if she doesn’t want to come, then so be it. Enjoy your meal in peace if you have to.

5. She’s messaging other guys.

This is the point where you leave. You don’t want to be in a LTR with a slut. Let her ride the cock carousel, but close your door to her and never under any circumstances go back to her.

6. She claims you’re not getting any sex tonight.

Laugh it off; we all know that means you are getting sex tonight. Continue with your normal activity and engage her when you’re ready. She will change her mind if you seduce her properly. Using sex as a bartering tool is not healthy in any relationship. Do not put up with it. If she is persistent with it and you are getting annoyed, find another girl and get ready to switch ships.

Things to do keep her feeling great about herself:
If you notice that she has made your favorite meal, take note and thank her. Let her feel like she is contributing more than just sex to the relationship. Allow her to clean the house; she will really appreciate the fact she feels like she is contributing. Do not spoil her, but be grateful for those little things she does. From time to time, buy her gifts. These vary depending on your budget, but clothes vouchers and spa days are usually good choices or maybe even a new iron if her old one is a bit dirty. Cook her favorite meal; this will guarantee that she will be extra kinky in the bedroom that night.

To conclude, the benefits to having a well-behaved girlfriend are monumental. You will be the envy of all your friends and your overall happiness will be much higher. You will have a positive outlook to help you go forward and achieve your life goals. Having the right girl to take you there is an important part of your adult life. Having the wrong girlfriend could be disastrous in years to come. By training her early in the relationship, you will teach her the boundaries of acceptable behavior and where not to go. This will save you lots of money in the long run if you were to marry her; she will be a lot less likely to divorce and take half of your hard-earned possessions. Choose wisely, gentlemen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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