Joms Zulueta Jimenez

He’s a minimalist.

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Joms Zulueta Jimenez

Maybe You Just Need A Break

Maybe you’re just too sad to miss those small details about life and maybe, just maybe, you’re a little bit lost for now after you left the place you think you don’t belong.

Tell Me Something Good Today

Tell me what makes you sad and scared; excited and baffled. Tell me what you hate about me and tell me what I don’t want to hear.

What I Really Meant When I Said ‘I’m Okay’

They always think that I’m strong enough to wrestle my demons out of my head and brave enough to bring the normal back to the world. My life is a plagiarized poem, a piece of diary snatched right in front of my eyes. There’s no normal after that.

I Will Not Kill Myself Tonight

I will pick the debris of my broken self and stitch it back so I can live another day and I can rest another night and I can survive another terror.