14 Things Only Introverts Who Seriously Love Being Outdoors Understand


1. Your favorite activities are all outdoors, but usually involve socializing…which is not one of your favorite activities.

2. …So solo excursions are your JAM. Bike riding? Yes please. Relaxing at the beach? ALWAYS. Wildlife photography? HELL. YEAH.

3. Taking your dog for a walk is actually the best thing ever, because you get to be alone and with nature, while also having your favorite furry friend there with you to keep you company.

4.You got overly excited when your new apartment had a private balcony. You could have plants! And start gardening! And read outside for an entire day!

5.You’re the go-to person for any information on local parks, because you know every single inch of them all.

6.You’ve had days when your entire agenda was: Go to park. Read.

7.Earbuds are one of your necessary accessories. They’re your little signal to others that you’re enjoying your alone time very much, and would love to keep it that way.

8.You’re constantly struggling between your need for time away from people to reenergize and your hatred of being cooped up in your apartment.

9.Your dream day is to go hiking on a picturesque trail with just your thoughts as company. (Which is basically a serial killer’s dream as well, soooooo….)

10.…You always go on the hike anyway, because if you’re going to die, it’s not a bad view. The benefits almost always outweigh the risks.

11.…Which means you’re also always calling to your roommate, “I’m heading out for a walk, if you haven’t heard from me in an hour, you should probably call the cops!” You make sure it’s lighthearted, but also with an underlying seriousness, because really though.

12.You’re ideal vacation is to travel out to some remote area all on your own and just explore nature the entire time.

13.Whenever your friends invite you out for some activity, you always kind of want to say, “Yeah, I’d love to go! Can I hang out with you guys for like ten minutes and then break off and do my own thing until you’re ready to go?”

14.The perfect in-between activity for you is to go star gazing with your friends. You get to spend some quality time with the people that mean the most to you, while also soaking in all the wonderfulness that is Nature. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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