Why Are Hot Girls So Mean?

Mean Girls / Amazon.com
Mean Girls / Amazon.com

OMG you’re going bald! Sorry, I don’t date short guys. Haha, you look like Voldemort!

The hottest girls are horrifically mean to most of the guys who dare hit on them…but once you learn WHY a true babe behaves so badly, it becomes far easier to win them over.

First off, let’s address the girls who blow you off within seconds. The girls who immediately assume you’re hitting on them before you even introduce yourself. They might tell you to go away, that they have a boyfriend or that they’re a lesbian. Worst of all, they may completely ignore you, refusing to even acknowledge your existence. At face value, this is beyond obnoxious human behavior. It’s enough to make you lose faith in all women. You just wanted to give her a compliment, right? Still, it really is tough to blame girls who do this.

It’s important to understand that most beautiful women have been approached by hundreds, maybe thousands of needy guys, depending on their age. Over time, they develop a keen sensor for beta-males. Just like a baby grizzly bear, they can smell fear, and they think it’s pathetic. Unfortunately, these gorgeous girls just don’t have the time to politely let down all the scaredy-cats who pussyfoot on over. There are too many of them.

Let’s be honest. How polite and tolerant are you when a bum asks you for spare change? What if dozens of bums approached you every time you went out to party? This is reality for hot women, so why shouldn’t you expect the same treatment as the last dozen guys who didn’t truly believe they were good enough for her? Even guys with swagger like Magic Mike are sometimes blown off as nothing more than an autopilot defense mechanism. But you can get around this barrier too; you just have to be sympathetic, patient and cool.

But even so, you could display all of these qualities impeccably and still have to deal with a mean girl — albeit a different type of mean girl altogether. Just when it seems like things are going well, the chick might start pointing out your deepest darkest insecurities; it’s nonsensical and incredibly mean, but if she does take the time to do this, know that it also means that SHE LIKES YOU!

You see, she’s testing to see if you actually are the confident guy you’re portraying to be. Anyone can be smooth and sophisticated like James Bond for a few minutes, but you might have to face a few hours of teasing, tests and banter before she believes you’re the real deal. So you better embrace the fact that you’re short, lanky, bald, hairy, fat, skinny, old, young or of any particular race if you want to land the girl of your dreams.

The greatest irony is that most girls don’t even care if a guy has any of these supposed physical disadvantages; they just need to know that YOU don’t care either. After all, there’s nothing less attractive than insecurities.

Thankfully not every beautiful girl is a complete bitch. There will be some that aren’t attracted to you at all, who will happily stand and chat. Others will become timid and shy because they’re so awestruck by you. But if your lovely lady does start throwing these bitchy tests, then thank the lord. Because you’re on the home straight to the pants party.

In light of all of this, being likened to a Harry Potter character isn’t all that bad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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