10 Signs You Were Born In the Wrong Generation

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1. You’re not a fan of social media. You actually believe it’s going to be the downfall of humanity. Constant oversharing, superficial connections, everyone voicing their opinion on things they don’t understand, internet trolls? You’d be more than happy to opt out altogether.

2. People constantly tell you that you’re “not like other millennials.” You take this as a compliment. You’re slightly resentful of fellow millennials who are ruining your reputation.

3. You might not have a lot of friends your age. You tend to not have that much in common with your peers. You make up for it in deep connections with other people in your life- whether that’s family members, a significant other, or a mentor. You’re usually attracted to people who are older than you.

4. You read a lot. You love to experience life through a new perspective. You’re constantly challenging your opinions and beliefs. You think that knowledge is empowering. You prefer to hold paper books in your hands instead of reading on your tablet or smartphone.

5. You’re often called an old soul. And not just because you go to bed early. You like to think things through and ponder life’s absurdities. You tend to have a penchant for tea.

6. You like to disconnect from technology. It’s easy for you to put down your cellphone for the weekend or stop watching Netflix. You like to have real experiences with real people in real places. Nothing makes you feel more alive than going somewhere without your phone.

7. You make a lot of counter-cultural decisions. Maybe you don’t like going to bars. Maybe you’re vegan. Maybe you prefer to run marathons instead of watching Real Housewives. Whatever it is, you tend to go against the grain for your age group. You pass on trends and prefer to focus on the things that truly light you up. You’re not easily effected by peer pressure.

8. You can feel lonely sometimes. Because sometimes it’s easier to just want to fit in. And it can be exhausting to go against so many mainstream decisions.

9. You value your relationships. The people you invest in mean the world to you. You’d rather have a few deep connections than a bunch of superficial ones. You can be defensive and protective of the ones you love the most.

10. You know who you are, and you’re proud of yourself. You’ve come to a point of acceptance and self-appreciation. You no longer apologize for your differences. Instead, you know they are your greatest asset. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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