17 Amazing Ways To Explain Exactly What ‘Netflix And Chill’ Really Means

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Flickr / Saulo Cruz


It means that you are going to go over to your partner’s house and fuck with Netflix in the background.



When you go to your partner’s house and watch Netflix which then escalates to sexual activities, all while Netflix is still playing in the background.



When two people want to fuck each other.



People use this as a cover-up for the word sex. Created by kids, this term was created to be able to talk about sex and hooking up…without actually saying “sex.”

A phrase commonly used to mean “let’s fuck with Netflix in the background.”



“NetFlix and Chill” is a phrase used in by both the young urban crowd and buppies/yuppies. It means, “Let’s watch Netflix and relax.” This term is usually used by adolescent teens and young men to set the mood for promiscuous, female, avid movie watchers to have causal sex with no strings attached. If your girl is “Netflix and chilling” with another guy, I feel bad for you, bro.



Code for two people going to each other’s houses and fucking or doing other sexual related acts.



A subtle way to lure a girl to come over to your place, initially as just a “friend,” so that it can lead to an opportunity of getting intimate with her while something is playing on Netflix. Romantic movies that the girl is interested in watching are ideal for getting her into the mood.



To watch Netflix in a cold environment. Ideally, while sitting on a block of ice. Alternatively, in an igloo.



The term Netflix and chill was derived from the old saying, “Want to come over and watch a movie?” In the teenage world, that almost always meant that the parents were not home. This, in turn, would lead to sexual acts by the impulsive, hormonal young humans. Nowadays, the term has evolved to “Netflix and chill,” as it is the new way of inviting your partner over to be together alone, but both of you know, although you might not say it, what it will lead to. Hence, the term can now be used in place of the word “sex”.



It starts out as just a simple movie on Netflix. You’re excited to spend time with that special someone. You make popcorn or whatever snacks you have on hand and get everything all cleaned up around your room. Your special someone lady or man, whichever you prefer, shows up. You get all comfy and decide on a simple movie that maybe you were both excited to watch. Soon after the movie starts, the whole mood changes and you decide that maybe the movie isn’t as important as you first thought. Things start to escalate and it starts getting hot and heavy. One thing leads to another and you end up jumping on the jiffy stiffy and dancing the horizontal tango.



A euphemism for inviting someone over to their place to engage in sexual activity. Thus the expression, “Let’s Netflix and chill!” should be understood by the hearer as “Let’s come over to my place and fuck!” The genius of this phrase is that it gives both parties “plausible deniability” when its true meaning is prematurely exposed so no one has to lose face (the inviting party can say, “I was just talking about watching movies and hanging out” or the invited party can say, “You’re talking about watching movies and hanging out, right?”)



The act of asking a girl you’re into that you would like to come over to her place and bang her brains out.



To hook up. Also a s*x catchphrase. To have s*x. If you were 16 and your parents caught you texting your girlfriend “want to Netflix and chill?” they might just think that you were proposing an innocent night of watching “Chopped” on the couch. Oh, you sneaky teens these days…



10 minutes into watching Netflix with somebody and they end up fucking. Also when he nuts in you ((;



Netflix and Chill consists of 3 concepts:
1- Genuine Netflix and Chill
2- Netflix and chill with the cheeky kiss, etc.
3- All out Netflix and chill, no itty gritty bits.

First of all, you have to find the suitable program/film for the concept you’re like, you know…feeling. So, that can take a considerably long amount of time. Secondly, if the girl chooses the program/film and it’s utter shit, you have to stick with it and watch the WHOLE fucking thing, in other words, Netflix and chill has ultimately failed. However, if you can fish out what the girl is feeling, i.e., Concept 3, you put on a suitable genre of film/program for example, action. This way, the sound you make in the bedroom is covered by the action movie, and you almost feel like you’re part of the script.



Going to other peoples’ home and fuck them or do any other hardcore sexual activity.



SEX. Basically a new way of booty calling.

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