Life Thoughts From A Pre-30-Something Female

It’s been brought up on multiple occasions recently, that I’m nearing 30 years old. Which I find funny, because I have 3 ½ solid years left to crush my remaining years as a 20-something. But, hey, it got me thinking a bit about life and what my personal philosophy is on this crazy world. So, here goes nothing.


  • I think that a man should always open the door for a woman. Be it, the door to a restaurant, a car, or home.
  • I think that every hug should be accompanied by a kiss on the cheek.
  • I think that birthdays are worth celebrating, and it’s encouraged to go over-the-top.
  • I think that a phone call means way more than a text message.
  • I think that the man should always pick up the check on the first date. After that, its all fair game.
  • I think that the day following a good date should consist of some form of recognition that the date was mutually enjoyable.
  • I think that flowers are the best – and most thoughtful – gift a girl can ever receive.
  • I think that truly loving yourself is the hardest thing to do, but the greatest feeling to have.
  • I think that lying is a waste of breath. Just don’t do it.
  • I think that the company you carry is a direct reflection of the kind of person you are.
  • I think that a career-oriented woman is the most attractive kind of woman.
  • I think that cost-per-wear (CPW) is a totally legitimate way to justify an expensive purchase.
  • I think that political conversations should never take place around the dinner table.
  • I think that you should be proud to be seen with your parents. At any age.
  • I think that people should never be judged solely on their online presence.
  • I think that going out for drinks on a Tuesday is completely acceptable, as long as you can be productive at work the next day.
  • I think that everyone should have one killer recipe that they can execute flawlessly.
  • I think that calling a woman ‘crazy’ is the best way to make her crazy.
  • I think that the word ‘love’ should be treated with extreme delicacy.
  • I think that titles, salaries and respect should be based on hustle, talent, creativity, and performance. Not age, college/university, or years of experience.
  • I think that fall is the best season to fall in love.
  • I think that the first snowfall is the most magical day of the year.
  • I think that everyone should live on their own, in an unfamiliar city, at least once in their life.
  • I think that after two attempts at reaching out to an old friend, if the effort is not reciprocated, you need to move on.
  • I think that speaking your mind and putting someone in their place matures you instantly.
  • I think that there are times when you should be outspoken and other times when you just need to shut up.
  • I think that life presents humbling moments just when you need the reminder that you’re not God’s gift to this world.
  • I think that it’s our duty as friends, family, or lovers to be a cheerleader for everyone in our life.
  • I think that you should recognize when you’re being a negative Nancy, thank your friends and family for dealing with you, and apologize for being that way once you’ve turned around.
  • I think that Thursdays always feel like the most hopeful day of the week
  • I think that Sundays should be treated as ‘the last day of the weekend’ instead of ‘the day before Monday’.
  • I think that life will send you a sign with the most perfect timing.
  • I think that there will be lows filled with complete self-destruction, and highs with moments of clarity.
  • I think that when you know, you know. About anything.
  • I think that this is my best year yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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