9 Problems You Face As A Tall Girl


1. Heels.

To wear heels or not to wear heels? That’s the eternal struggle tall women face daily. Flats can just be so unbelievably boring sometimes, but if you’re six feet tall like me and saunter into a room in three inch heels, people are going to break their necks to stare holes way up into your head.

2. “I bet you played basketball!”

For three years in middle school until I learned the hard way I lacked hand eye coordination. Not all tall women are destined for the WBNA.

3. “OMG! You must model since you’re so tall!”

We just established a lack of hand eye coordination. For me, that also means I’m a klutz who trips over my own two feet and falls into people stone cold sober. Maybe I should rethink the heels after all…

4. Finding non-orthopedic shoes in your size.

Being tall means you also probably have ridiculously large feet (size 11, represent). Have you ever tried finding cute shoes in the size 11 section of a store? They’re virtually nonexistent. And to add insult to injury, if you do find a nice pair of boots, they’ll be too large around your calves since manufacturers seem to believe that everybody who wears a size 11 shoe must also have the world’s largest calves.

5. Who wears short shorts? Tall girls wear short shorts.

Good luck finding shorts, skirts, or dresses that cover your ass. Just once I’d like to buy a dress that I could actually wear as a dress instead of pairing it with jeans to be a tunic. And speaking of those jeans, bless the kind clothing stores that carry longs or tall sizes. You are saviors sent to save the tall women of the world from being perpetual flood pants wearers. However, if you charge more for your tall sizes, I will be placing your pants back on the shelf and taking my business elsewhere. It’s not that much more material. By that logic, shirts on an XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL scale should be priced according to size.

6. Dating.

I’ve dabbled in online dating, and it’s always a frustrating moment when I meet someone who says on their profile they were 6’0” and turn out to be more like 5’8”. Height difference aside, it’s the lying that bugs me. It screams insecurity and makes me wonder what else you’d be willing to lie about. Furthermore, I had an ex (who was 6’4”) who would throw a temper tantrum every time I wore a pair of heels. He insisted they were unnecessary. Obviously that relationship didn’t last long.

7. Hey, how’s the weather up there?

Just fine, thanks. At least I can’t get a bigger whiff of your piss-poor attitude from up here.

8. Offhanded comments.

Nothing like walking down the street and having a child go “Mom! Mom! Mom! Look at that really tall lady!” Oh kid. Just wait until you hit puberty and shit gets awkward real quick.

9. And the real trouble with being a tall girl is that there is none at all.

You may encounter these little nuisances here and there, but if these are the worst problems in your life, you’ve got it pretty good. There’s nothing like walking into a room, 6’0” in four inch heels and having everybody turn to stare at you. You rock that room, girl. No matter what your height is, own it even if the grass seems greener on the other side. You may not be able to do anything about the vantage point you have to look from, but it’s all about how you choose to take in the view. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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