4 Reasons Why Low-Maintenance Girls Are The Best Kind Of Friends To Have

David Preston

According to the oh so ever accurate “Urban Dictionary”,” low maintenance people are usually male, just chill, someone who is easy to please and does not require much pampering or attention”.

I am not going to bother to comment on the “usually male” comment, because obviously low maintenance girls do exists. Granted low maintenance girls may be a little harder to come by these days, we live in a world that worships Kim Kardashian and contouring. Here is a shout-out and thank you to all the low maintenance girls who keep it real, in a world that is keeping up with the Kardashians.

1. She Can Get Ready In 5 Minutes

She doesn’t need to put on fake eyelashes to go the grocery store. She can roll out of bed and go. If her friend has some last minute plans, she can be there within the hour. She doesn’t need to change her outfit 5 times. She does not need to impress anyone. She does not really care, to be honest. The low maintenance girl would rather spend more time with you, than spend more time getting ready. She would rather spend half her night having a real genuine conversation, rather than half her night taking Snapchat selfies. This girl can just enjoy living in the moment. She does not need a lot of be happy. She would rather have someone’s time than be showered with gifts. She is not about material she is about the moment. She does not want money she wants memories.

2. She’s Okay With Plans Changing. She Doesn’t Even Really Need A Plan At All

The low maintenance friend is the perfect travel partner. She can stay in a hostel rather than a hotel, if that means adding 3 more countries to her Euro trip. She cares more about the number of stamps on her passport, than the likes on her photos. She does not need an itinerary. The low maintenance friend can go wherever the wind takes her, or if the more “bossy/ type a” friend wants to make all the plans, that is cool with her too. She would rather make you happy and not cause an inconvenience. She can make the most out of anything, so it really does not matter to her.

3. She Can Have Guy Best Friends And Girl Best Friends

Find a girl that can do both. We all hear the same friendship myths. “Guys and girls can not be JUST friends”. “Girls are way too much drama, I would just rather hang out with the boys”. There can be truth in both of those statements, but the real truth is you need both male and female friends. A low maintenance girl knows how to just chill with the boys, and probably can still beat you at beer pong with her heels on. Being a low maintenance girl does not mean you’re a ‘Tomboy”. This girl can still get dressed up with the girls on a Saturday night, and listen to you vent about your countless boy problems. This girl is probably your go-to for boy advice. The low maintenance girl is so “chill”, she probably has the most guy friends in your clique. Therefore she can give you an insider insight for all your boy traumas. She can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, then report right back to her girls.

4. She Understands When Life Can Get In The Way

Or a new boyfriend, a new job, health issues, death, everyone is going through something that we do not know about. The low maintenance friend understands that and more. She gets it if life just got “too busy’ and she honestly won’t take it out on you. She has been there too, we all have. Sometimes life can just be “too much” and we need to turn off our phone and ignore everyone, until we are ready to return back to life again. She won’t call you selfish or a “bad friend”. She is the kind of friend that you can not see for months, and pick up exactly where you left off. She knows time is precious and she doesn’t want to waste time being angry at you. At the same time she is not a friend you can take advantage of.

She knows when to understand and when to speak up. If you truly hurt her she will always tell you first, before telling anyone else. She is the low maintenance friend, but she is not the doormat. She may have a really high tolerance, but that does not mean you should test it or take advantage of it. The low maintenance friend does not scare easily. It takes a lot for her to be truly upset, so if she is upset it could be a deal-breaker.

However, she will always be understanding first and upfront. Life can get in the way and she gets that, but don’t forget who your friends are for too long. Even the low maintenance friend is capable of holding a grudge, if they are pushed that far. She may be “chill”, but do not forget to appreciate her. Low maintenance is not the equivalent to easy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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