The One And Only Reason You Should Date Older Men

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Babies of the 90s you have heard this before, but we are the last left of the “good ole days”. The world is different now, it’s strange. Technology has replaced toys. Reality stars have replaced supermodels.

Popularity has replaced talent. “Likes” equal self-worth.

We live in a world, where guys will ask you for nudes via dating app. Men that you haven’t even met in real life, will ask for naked photos of you. The sad thing is we live in a world, where many young girls will comply to this. When the booty call is replaced by the snap chat, “come over” at 3 am. Social Media has made women’s standards staggeringly low. A phone call is now deemed as “romantic” or “old fashioned”. It is hysterical young girls actually get frightened if a boy calls them, instead of texting them first. Girls will immediately text their best friend saying ,“omg….he called me, what kind of a weirdo does that? he is so creepy…”. This boy is not creepy, he just lived in a world where boys picked you up on a first date and knocked on your door. It was a time where manners mattered and being polite was nice, not weak. It was the world before social media killed romance.

Social Media has made all of us expendable.

It is like we are all “for sale”, and we don’t even know it. Each time we instagram something, we are selling a little piece of us. A bikini shot on vacation sells our body, a food shot sells our taste, an “artistic scenic” shot sells our soul, and our followers sell our overall worth. This is the sad truth of the youth of today. I am grateful every day to still be a part of the 90s “last of the good left”. They don’t make em like us anymore. That is why an older model is a better dating solution.

I am not telling you to date older men, because they are “more mature”. You should not date an older man, because he can “take care of you” financially. It isn’t because they prefer wine over beer. It isn’t because they have a condo with a rooftop pool, and a sauna. It isn’t because he doesn’t live with his parents anymore, or his fraternity brothers. It isn’t because of their Porche or their wallet. It isn’t because he has a career, and not a job. It is not because he can afford to fund all your trips. It is not about money.

The one and only reason that matters, that make older men superior is…..they grew up in a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

Whether they grew up in the early 90s, 80s, 70s, or even 60s. Their upbringing is basically in a history textbook by now. It is astonishing to think that most of these men probably went through high school without a cell phone. Perhaps some of the boys had one, but it was definitely a hard brick flip phone. Meaning they had to get girls without a dating app? Without snap chat? Without Instagram DMs? They actually had to physically talk to a girl in person! If he wanted to see her….he had to make plans with her.

You couldn’t cancel on the drop of a hat….there was no texting to cancel. There was no “ghosting”. These boys had to physically dial the phone and ask her parents, to speak to their daughter. There was no “Netflix and chill”. It used to be called “Dinner and a Movie”. Somehow the dinner aspect has disappeared from the date. Personally, I think this is a huge error. The last thing you want on a date is for your girl to be hungry. It also isn’t called a “date” anymore it is called “chilling”, because god forbid we put a label on anything. Social Media has made everything so public, that we are terrified of making “anything” “something”. Because once it is over, and it will likely be over before it started, everyone will know (sometimes before you even do…).

These boys had to find courage to actually get rejected by girls, when asking them out. Now, we all just hide behind the internet. We use the internet as our shield from rejection. Social Media has made us so insecure, we are all too scared to love. Older men grew up in a world, that is now dead. A world that I personally prefer. Remember how 90s fashion came back? Crop tops and cut-offs are all the rave again!

Maybe 90s dating should come back? Perhaps we should” message” each other less, and actually “see” each other more. Just a thought, or we could just talk about making plans for weeks, but never actually do anything…Correction we aren’t even talking, we are just “messaging”. Talking implies a voice, we are all way too terrified of that. We need to turn off our phones and turn on our minds. Older men can do that, they remember life before wifi. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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