The Difference Between How Men And Women Tease

Sylvain Reygaerts
Sylvain Reygaerts

It is no secret that love is a battlefield, and each sex uses their most powerful weapon. In this war we call love, each sex has its own strengths and weaknesses. Women use sexuality to get feelings, while men use feelings to get sex.

Nothing is scarier than real love and we know it, so we play games to feel safe. We play to our assigned roles, it will be easier for a woman to get laid, at the same time it will be easier for a man to create a relationship.


Tease with their beauty, they manipulate with their body, but with their soul they are powerless. Women feed off attention and feelings, where as men need physicality to be fed. To keep a woman happy it takes much more than just sex, they want to feel loved and more importantly they want to feel special.

And men know just how to say the right things to make us feel special. Knowing our secret is their biggest secret weapon. The way that we know how to manipulate our bodies to seduce men, they know how to manipulate our feelings to

seduce us.


The secret of feeling special is the key to any women’s heart. Every woman desires to be “different” or the “one”, because being called beautiful isn’t enough. Women are aware of their physical power; it is their emotions that men toy with to gain dominance. Women can control physically how far or how fast their physical relationship can move.

But once a woman gives into temptation, there is no going back. They have given up their power. Their body, the strongest weapon, has been given up and can no longer be taken back. Her heart is now tightly wrapped into her man’s finger . To make a women feel special, you tell her things she isn’t used to hearing.

Women want to be what they are not. Why? Because they want to feel special. And men know the power in their words. You call a pretty girl, smart. They tell a smart woman, she is sexy. They find our biggest insecurity, and make us overcome it. All of sudden, you need this man in your life. He has made you overcome your greatest insecurity. Your whole self worth, is now based on what this one man thinks.

Why? Simply, because he made you believe in yourself. Men lure women in with words, lies, or “sweet nothings”. Men fall for what they see, and women fall for what they hear. Women may be guilty of physically teasing, but men go much deeper, they tease with their hearts. In the end, we all use each other to feel.

We were never scared of loving each other, only losing each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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