Guys Will Always Be Better Friends Than Girls

Jordan McQueen
Jordan McQueen

Guys are not necessarily better friends than girls, but they are always better friends to each other. This isn’t news it is a lesson we learned at “Recess.” Guy’s friend groups resemble a pack of dogs playing together. Girl’s cliques resemble cats scratching each other’s eyes out.

Here are 5 reasons why guys will always be better friends to EACH OTHER than girls.

1. They Don’t Care Enough

This is a good thing, people pleasing is a euphemism for fake something girls love to do. Guys just don’t care enough it is as simple as that. Bottom line do you want a friend who tells you pretty lies they don’t mean or someone who doesn’t sugarcoat the cold hard truth? Being fake is complicated. Not caring is simple.

2. They Punch Each Other In The Face, Not Stab You In The Back

If boys are fighting they will settle this up front. They don’t have the energy to hold a grudge, or plan some ridiculous scheme to get back at you. They don’t need to talk to everyone about how they are mad at you, and not tell you why. They would rather just punch you in the face and be done with it, and move on.

Girls for some reason tend to do the exact opposite. While physical violence should not be the answer, emotional pain is not much better. Emotional pain is worst honestly, bruises will heal trust issues won’t. If you can’t trust them why are you even friends?

3.The Clique Doesn’t Exist

They don’t need to wear pink on Wednesdays. Every girl knows if you tell one girl in the group everyone knows. There are no secrets, but girls like to pretend there are. Guys don’t have that same worry, their group works like an open forum. They don’t see the need to lie to each other, they just don’t care enough.

4. Don’t Judge

Girls like to do this awful thing called “slut shaming”. Guys high-five each other and give each other props for their “successful nights”. Girls play the double standard card with their own “friends”. This is a reason why girls start lying to each other, because of the unnecessary judging. If girls felt they could truly be accepted by each other, maybe they wouldn’t have to hide who they really are. For some reason a guy doing a keg stand is “the man”, but a girl is trashy. Sorry girls you only have yourself to blame for this, because the guy thinks the keg stand girl is pretty cool. The judging usually is rooted by jealousy.

5. Friends Forever

Guys can not see each other for months even years, and they can pick up where they left off. They understand that life constantly changes. They may not be living together anymore or going to the same school, but that doesn’t mean they are not friends anymore.

Guys usually have been friends with their “Bros,” all the way back to elementary school or high school days. Not many girls can say the same. Although girls constantly hashtag #bestie,#BFF, #foreverandalways. We all know the real hashtag friendship for girls #BFFN (best friend for now).

Most female friendships don’t surpass the five-year mark. Girls instead of “liking” each other’s photos on Instagram, start actually liking each other first. Life is too short to have fake friends. Guys may not necessarily be better friends than girls, but they are certainly better friends to each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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