7 Signs Your Girl Best Friend Likes You

New Girl: The Complete Second Season
New Girl: The Complete Second Season

I’ve been going out with this guy for almost a year. And we’re fine. We have the usual fun, the normal problems, the crazy days and the dreamy dates—all that plus my least liked added ingredient: The girl best friend.

I’m never really fond of girl best friends, even with my ex. But despite my disinterest of their existence, I can pretty much say that I can live with them. In fact, I’m a girl best friend of one too.

But this one, I’m just not sure if it’s something I can live with. I’ve been telling this guy how it’s so obvious that his friend likes him, but he said I’m just over-analyzing things and I’m lying to myself to create my own problem. And his being in-denial makes me sick.

So if you’re a guy and you have a girl best friend, let me now list you the obvious signs that your girl best friend likes you.

1. She can’t take hearing stories about you going out with someone.

We all like our friends to find their own significant others, or people who would make them smile. But if your girl best friend does not like hearing any specific detail about your dating stories, that can mean something else.

“He’s my best friend. I find it disgusting to listen to those things about him and the girl he’s going out with.” Well, that’s most certainly an excuse we would never buy.

2. She can never be friends with your girl.

It can be okay if it’s just with this one girl. But she’s never friends with ANY of the girls that you date. If anything, she’s always in conflict with them.

You know how some of your friends will try to be friends with your girl to see if she can join your circle? Yep, only, IT’S THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Your girl will never get a warm welcome from her.

3. She demands so much from you.

Friendship is a mutual relationship of a natural give and take. You enjoy each other’s company and you naturally do things for your friend, simply because they are your friend. But when demands come in the way, that’s when it becomes borderline “more than friends.”

“You should give me this gift on my birthday,” sounds a little off but it can be considered. We do have those sweet little requests to our friends anyway.

But when she goes, “You don’t have time for me anymore,” when you start to spend a good amount of time with your girl, that is slightly questionable. Every good girl best friend should be happy for you for finding someone who makes you happy. But if she’s not, that generally brings us to our fourth.

4. She gets jealous with your girl and compares herself to her.

As she gets annoyed that you spend more time with the girl you’re dating and starts ditching some hangouts with her, she’d start talking to her friends about why your girl is unlikable. Saying why the girl is not good enough for you should be okay, we all want the best for our friends. But the critical point here is when she compares herself to her.

“I’m better than her because…”

“At least I am…”

…are words that give instant signs that she DOES like you beyond the boundaries of your friendship.

5. She likes to show you off.

She likes going out with her friends and tagging you as her plus one. This is really okay. I find nothing wrong with it. She tells people the things that you do for her should be fine as well. We’re all proud to have good friends who care for us.

But then you find it weird that in a gathering with friends, where some guy in the bar starts talking to her and showing interest, she calls you and asks you to sit beside her. It’s as if she’s using you to block off future conversation invitations from the other guys. If you find that weird, do not doubt yourself. It is completely fine. That is, indeed, weird. That’s a non-verbal communicated message of “Hey, I’m taken. Sort of.”

6. The girl you’re going out with does not feel good about her.

She goes on and on about your friend liking you. And you don’t believe her. “You’re over analyzing things,” you tell her. And maybe she is. Maybe your girl is just jealous because you spend a good amount of time with your girl best friend too. That is pretty normal.

Who would you believe anyway, your guts or your girl who’s being paranoid? Of course, your guts.

But if this isn’t the first time that this has happened. And if your ex-girlfriend ranted to you for hours about your friend as well, when they seem to rant the same thing, then the only person here who’s kidding himself is you.

7. She would do the most inconvenient things for you.

We would all do this for our friends. Doing inconvenient things are not only for our significant others. When your friend picks you up from your house to where she is—back and forth—even though it’s the Friday traffic jam, well, we don’t have to put meaning into it.

But when you combine sign number 7 with signs number 1 to 6, then that completes the equation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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