Stop Chasing Things That Are Actually Holding You Back

Don’t chase a perfect moment, for those don’t exist. There is never a right time or place or scenario to do something. Just start, and remember there is never going to be a perfect time for something to occur, from relationships to your career.

Don’t chase false hope, for that often leads to unmatched expectations and keeps you from focusing on the now. Don’t attach or obsess over someone’s words and promises that are set on the future.

Don’t chase the past, for the past cannot be changed. The longer you focus on what’s behind you, the less you set forth on the future and the path you have ahead of you.

Don’t chase validation from others, for that only grants you temporary fulfillment. Because the only kind of validation that lasts a lifetime is the kind you give to yourself, the kind that comes from within, not from the mouths or minds of others.

Don’t chase material things, for those come and go. It’s okay to have material items, but don’t obsess over the need and desire to impress others with high-priced items. People who value you value you, not what you own.

Don’t chase your ex, for most of the time, they are your ex for a reason. It’s better to let that chapter close so you can write a new one.

Don’t chase what others are doing, for that’s not your journey, and life is better when lived authentically. Stay in your lane, be confident in what you want to accomplish, and don’t compare yourself to another’s path.

Stop chasing things that aren’t helping you and are actually setting you back on your true passions in life more often than not.

Do chase your goals. Chase them with every ounce of your soul and commit to taking steps to achieve them. Do chase what makes your heart beat fast. Chase your passion and stop chasing the things that are actually holding you back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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