Dear Mom, A Thank You Will Never Be Enough

How do I even start to say thank you to a woman who deserves a whole dictionary wide full of thank you’s?

Truth is, there will never be enough times I can say those precious words “thank you” to match what you have done for me.

I sit here and think about all of the milestone moments in my life, and it’s no coincidence that you were right there with me through all of them. You are my backbone even if we are miles apart or when I get chance to snuggle up with you and watch one of our favorite shows and pretend I am a kid again.

Every call and every time I am in need of help, advice, support, or any other mischief you can think of, you are always the first to respond no matter how tired or worn out you may be that day. You have always been the most compassionate and caring human and it constantly makes me want to be a better person. As I grow older, I can only hope to be even a fraction of an incredible human as you are.

Mom, you are the biggest inspiration in my life and I would be nowhere without you, (I mean I wouldn’t even be born), but more than that. You have given me my genes, my physical traits, yes, but beyond that, and more importantly, you have given me my heart. You have consistently shown me unconditional love and support throughout my life. You taught me the power of altruism and putting others before you, even when they will not do the same for you. You have taught me to love, and to always be kind to whomever you meet. You have taught to go for my dreams and that nothing is too far out of reach if I want it.

One day I wish I could repay you for everything you have done for me, but frankly, there is no gift and no perfect equivalent to the amount of impact you have had on my life.

I love you beyond words, Mom. And even though I may not say it enough, thank you, for everything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I am the only Jenna Hushka in the world.

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