12 Things I Wish Didn’t End So Quickly

1. The last couple of pages of a book that you’ve invested so much time and emotion in. So much so that you reference the characters often in your real life. You’re like Holden would never do that! Or why can’t he be more like Mr. Darcy! You can feel, you can see, the final pages creeping up and you start to read slower. You start to inhale every single word just so that you can stay put where you are in this story for a little bit longer.

2. A song when you’re driving in your car with your windows down and screaming out the lyrics and still have 3 miles or five minutes left before you reach your destination.

3. Or the opposite – the end of your commute, when your favorite song comes on as you’re pulling into your garage or your parking spot or you’re late for work and the jamming has to end.

4. A smoothie that seems to be the size of your forearm but yet you gulp it down in what feels like 5 sips.

5. Sundays.

6. When it’s your birthday and you’re surrounded by a handful of people you adore. The cake comes out and everyone is singing and you are plotting the ultimate wish inside your head before you blow the persistent candles out.

7. Your vacation – especially when that vacation is in the middle of a terrible New York winter and you’re on the beach somewhere sipping a Pina Colada and your biggest worry is remembering to reapply sunscreen every 30 minutes.

8. Saying goodbye to someone you’re not going to see for a really long time. Actually you have no idea when you’ll see them again. Even if you think you’re going to see them soon – what do you know? Plans change. Everything, all of this, is out of our control. Every goodbye we say is scary – but yet, there’s never enough time to say it. There’s always a plane to catch, a train to board, a car with its engine running waiting to zip that person away.

9. Season two of House of Cards!

10. A concert. You pay $60 to go watch it and within what feels like a matter of minutes, the whole thing is over. And you’ve lost your voice and when the guitar player threw his pic at you, you lost a little bit of your mind. And you’re sweaty and they already played their two encore songs and have gotten off stage and the lights are back on the crowd is clearing out. But you stay, anyway. And you hope, with your fingers crossed, that they come out and play one more secret song just for you. For the real fans that’ll still be there for them even when the lights flick on.

11. A slice of pizza. Because you’ve made a pretty terrible decision to order just one and it’s so insanely good and you’re trying to make it last forever.

12. A first kiss with someone new. Never mind. It’s the moment right before someone new kisses you for the first time and your heart is seriously beating out of control and you’re both looking at each other because you both want it but someone needs to make the first move. Yeah that. I wish that lasted forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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