20 Totally Sexist Things Women Do That They Don’t Think Are Sexist

Christopher Campbell

1. Grabbing Asses And Thinking Nothing Of It

I’ve had quite a few issues with girls/women grabbing my butt and acting like it’s okay. And when I ask them how the hell they would feel if some stranger did that to them; I would always get an answer like “Don’t be a pussy. Just be a man about it.” or that kind of stuff.

Man, that stuff really pisses me off. Don’t fucking EVER just touch someone’s privates. Guy or gal doesn’t matter. It is their body, and not your own. If you somehow can’t think of that, you may need to evaluate your own intelligence and life choices.


2. The Infamous “Man Up”

“Man Up” is probably the worst. Other than that, apparently its ok for random strangers as well as family members to berate a guy for being “too skinny” and telling him to “go to the gym to bulk up” but to do that to a fat woman is wrong??


3. The Implication That Dads Aren’t Real Parents

Daddy daycare, or daddy babysitting the kids, or anything along those lines that daddy isn’t a real parent for looking after his kids.


4. Violence From Women Is Glorified

Probably the two biggest ones for me are:

-If a woman is hitting a man, he probably did something to deserve it
-It’s never okay to hit a woman

Women get far, far too much of a pass on physical abuse. It’s even a trope our media glorifies.


5. Sexual And Emotional Double Standards

“Men shouldn’t reject women for their partner count but ew I’d never date a male virgin”


“Men should express their feelings but when they feel anything negative I just call them entitled.”


6. Generalizing “All Men” And Thinking It’s Okay

When they get into the “men are like this” or “men do this” conversation. I’m not dramatically offended but it’s sexist.


7. Men Are Dumb And Violent

The most common unhealthy stereotypes that I hear are that men are dumb and/or violent. I generally ignore people who are that negative though.


8. The Notion That Men Can’t Dress Themselves

“You’re dressed nice, did your fiancee pick this out for you?” “It’s fine, guys just aren’t that good at decorating.”

Things my coworker said to me.


9. Saying “You Can’t Be Sexist To Men” While Being Incredibly Sexist

“You can’t be sexist towards men.”

It has been said to me in what I very much hope was a joking tone but it reinforces this ridiculous idea that men are immune to emotional hurt, or can’t be put down or somehow our pain is less because something something history of oppression means that you as an individual don’t matter.

I understand the mindset but I don’t agree with it, especially with suicide being the biggest killer of men under 45 in my country. Male mental health issues are FINALLY getting a bit of spotlight and toxic rhetoric like that will only do damage, especially to a man who is close to the edge already if you tell him that his feelings aren’t valid.


10. Saying Things At Work That Would Get A Man Fired And Thinking Nothing Of It

“Men are so…”

“Ugh I hate men so much”

I know they are just venting their frustration, and don’t really mean it – I don’t get really offended or anything. The problem is I hear it all the time and its tiring to listen to. I don’t care anymore honestly, not trying to be mean, but if you want to talk like this call your girlfriends

Another part of this that annoys me is that hey say it in front of men and expect us to be like “yep, we’re all just assholes, right?” Also if I said something like “women are so annoying” in front of my female co-workers I’d be fired most likely – they’d be very offended – but they think that talking down on my gender is just regular small talk apparently. They get an eye-roll from me every time now.


11. “He’s Compensating”

Something I hear fellow women say constantly when they see a guy driving a loud car/truck is that he “must be compensating for something” meaning a small penis. I think this is sexist. If a man ever uttered something like “you must be compensating for having small tits” women would lose their shit.


12. Using Gender Roles They Like While Ignoring Ones They Don’t Like

Women* will ask me to carry things for them which they can easily carry themselves. When physical labor is involved they have to find the nearest man and pin the work on them. My mother and my SO’s mother are particularly bad about this, but I’m pretty sure it comes down to being okay with using traditional gender roles to get around their laziness.

*Obligatory not all women.


13. Fuckboi=Slut Shaming

9 hours of this discussion and fuck boi hasn’t been brought up? It’s widely accepted slut shaming. I don’t condone misleading women for sex but both genders play each other.


14. Basically Comparing Men To Children

My teacher, talking about retirement, claimed that men have a hard time going into retirement. That would be fine, until she said shit like “men just like to be told what to do” and “they like simplicity”

I understand that it’s hard for people to go into retirement because that’s how you support your family, but when you start saying stuff like, that “men are simple creatures” it makes my blood boil.

Imagine I said that about women, I would be kicked out of school if I was a teacher.


15. The Term “Mansplaining”


The shit pisses me off because it is hypocritical as fuck, and because there are already gender-neutral words for that type of behavior. It’s not that I care about what they are saying about men when women use the word, it is that they want gender equality, complain about being stereotyped, complain about gendered language (all rightfully so), and then go on using a word like mansplaining. Completely self-contradictory.


16. Adding “Man” To Things Both Genders Do To Make It Sound Worse

“Mansplaining” “Manspreading”

If you have to attach “man” to every negative thing to make it seem like that makes it somehow worse or to make it seem like it’s exclusive or worse with men, that makes you sexist.


17. Portrait Of An Extremely Sexist Woman

My ex was an extreme sexist. Here are some prime examples:

  • You’re the guy, you should pay. (Uh no, sure I can pay for some, sure you can pay for some, but no it is not my job to pay for you unless I am the only working person in our family and even then it’s debatable you spoiled bra-
  • Women can hit men, but men can never hit women. (No, no one should hit anyone unless it’s consensual you abusive f-
  • Men can’t get raped. (Yes they can and it’s horrible you ignorant slu-
  • Man the fuck up and don’t be depressed (I’m sorry I dated your unhealthy, toxic, mother fuc-

To name a few. (I’m over her, the anger was mostly played out but damn thinking about her makes me mad).


18. The Self Contro

Not sure if relevant but I’ve been hit by a gf before. And I told her I was really frightened of being hit by her again. She told me not to be so much of a wuss.

She thought that’s not sexist because men aren’t a physical threat to women. Fine even if you go with that. It’s still scary to be hit by a woman. I was mostly scared of myself because if she hit me and I hit her back it could put me in a world of trouble. It takes a lot of self-control to be hit by anyone and not hit back.


19. Ironic Obliviousness

Mild sexism like most of this thread is on about doesn’t really bother me. In fact, I think we’re all better off if we simply accept that these male only sayings, expressions and viewpoints exist in our culture.

What bothers me is when the people doing it are women who go on and on and on about nothing but sexism towards women.

Anyone else doing it is fine.

If my girlfriend says man up or someone asks me to lift something because I’m a man or even if someone after a break up says “all men are the same I hate them all” it doesn’t really bother me, but when that person is also annoyingly vocal about these things when it’s the other way around THEN it pisses me off.

That’s when I want to turn into those people and moan about every little insignificant bit of sexism.


20. Implying That Men Think Women Are All The Same

Saying “I’m not like other girls.”

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