19 Everyday Worries Men Have That Women Will Never Have To Deal With

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1. That They Might Have To Fight

When a man is beaten up society doesn’t care much. It’s seen as fairly normal for men to fight so attention isn’t paid to a beaten up guy in terms of possible ptsd or trauma.


2. That Men Of All Colors Face A Harsher Judicial System

The differences between arrest, conviction, and sentencing rates between men and women is way greater than that of white and black people. Crazy to think about how much that issue gets brought up, but nobody knows/cares about the difference between men and women’s treatment by the court system.


3. That No One Wants Men To Show They’re Sad, Not Really

The idea that men shouldn’t show sadness and because of this, makes them very emotionally blocked which can lead to issues in their future regarding problems with themselves or relationships with other people.


4. That Men’s Lives Are Truly More Dangerous

Men are expected to take more risks, and are much more often victims of workplace accidents leading to grievous injury. Which is a lot of the reason for the pay disparity. Men work more dangerous jobs. That danger means better pay. (This is an observation, not a judgement. I’m not saying whether the situation is fair or not.)


5. That The Assumption That Men Are Perverts Is Rampant

They face so much more scrutiny if they’re in any profession that deals with children. There are so many benefits to having men as teachers, but there’s a weird stigma associated with men being in the classroom, and I find it very sad.


6. That Heightism Is Real

Tall girls marry tall guys. Short girls also marry tall guys. Short guys are fucked.


7. That Men Can Feel Like They’re Last

Man up.

Women and children first.

Must be overcompensating.


8. That Men Are On Their Own

There should be more domestic abuse resources available for men, and specifically, men with children. Abuse is horrible no matter who’s doing it, and it can be difficult to seek help no matter the gender, but it’s a lot harder for men. There’s a lot of stigma for male survivors of abuse and rape, and there are quite a few people who don’t believe it’s possible to abuse a man. Girls get told their entire life to be wary of abusers or rapists, get lessons on how to recognize the signs of abuse, but not once would boys be given the same information. Nobody should have to be educated about abuse, but since there is a need for it, it should be taught to all.


9. That Many Believe Men Cannot Be Raped

“Men cannot be raped.” Someone has even told me that men can only be raped by other males, thanks to “don’t drop the soap.” No one ever wants to acknowledge the fact that they’ve been abused/raped because society thinks “well if you hadn’t been ____, you wouldn’t have been raped”. It can happen to anyone and people see rape victims as being weak or think that women are incapable of committing such a crime against a man possibly twice their size.


10. That Many Men Feel Disposable

Being thought of and being treated as disposable.

When it comes to every single safety net in society, I’m an afterthought.


11. That Intersectionality Doesn’t Help Disadvantaged Men

All women are treated as disadvantaged in comparison to men, regardless of status and statistical data. Thus men who suffer from disadvantage are perceived as ‘advantaged’ simply because of their gender and don’t get any of the affirmative action treatment that is available to mitigate the actual disadvantage they suffer. I’m seeing this a lot in college and when applying for graduate jobs.


12. That Men Have More To Lose Than You Might Think

Men are more likely to be a victim of crime. Men make up most of the homeless population. Men have almost no resources available to them when they’re the victim of domestic abuse. Men often lose custody battles simply due to being the father. Men are far more likely to be killed in the work place. Men can be used to produce a child (read: tricked into impregnating a woman), subsequently having to support a child and woman without any choice in the matter. It’s not socially acceptable for men to hit a woman back, catching shit and penalties of law when defending themselves.


13. That Even Feminists Believe In The “Real Man” Idea

The fact that being a “real man” apparently involves taking a high risk job where you are at a greater risk of dying, and bottling up your emotions.


14. That Men Are Portrayed By The Media As Dangerous

The fear of being labeled a pervert for being even near a fucking playground without a kid of your own. Maybe, news media, I just get nostalgic for my childhood and like to sit on a bench in a park on a nice day and watch kids enjoy being outside and playing.


15. That Young Men Are Expected To Die

Being drafted. That is, if there were a draft, men would be on it.


16. That If A Woman Is Hitting A Man He Deserves It

It is unacceptable for a man to ever hit a woman.

I find this to be complete and utter bullshit. I’ve seen instances where a woman is physically slapping/beating/stomping a guy and he isn’t allowed to fight back? Yeah okay…

In a perfect world, a woman who starts hitting a man would be restrained and then arrested. In the real world, people watch and ask themselves what the man did to deserve it. It’s messed up, and it needs to stop.


17. That Men Face Far More Romantic Rejection

We’re always expected to make the first move when it comes to romance, but we’re also far more likely to be considered creepy and threatening when we do.


18. That They Have A Host Of Issues No One Cares About

Custody bias, divorce bias, alimony, child support, lack of reproductive rights, suicide, higher prison sentencing for the same crime, inability to defend against the opposite sex, violence against us being depicted as funny/empowering, lack of taxpayer-funded domestic violence resources, experimenting is frowned upon, inability to generally be ourselves, lack of calls for equality in female-dominated fields, struggles at school, genital mutilation, the draft (if we want a government job, college education, or student loan), disposability, objectification, lack of empowerment, disregard for the male life, sexual insults against us are viewed as okay, and rape victims not being taken seriously are 22 of the social issues that we face. Anyone who want to tell me now that men have no issues?


19. That Women And Men Both Reinforce Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity. Black men being perceived as “scary” and “dangerous”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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