This Girl Accused Her Boyfriend Of Cheating On FB, But She Was The One Who Ended Up Owned

You have to admit it doesn’t look good.

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Patricia’s man appeared to be cheating on her with some new girl and she posted this up on Facebook apparently busting him for sneaking around. She totally put him on blast too with some whithering text.

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Case closed, right? No way Peter can come back from that. WRONG.

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Damn, son! Okay, so let’s recap. Girl cheats on boy. Boy catches girl. Girl begs boy to let her stay at his apartment. Boy has mercy and says okay for now. Girl tries to seduce him back into a relationship and then, when that doesn’t work, tries to get sympathy claiming she’s being cheated on but gets busted publicly.

I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone play themselves this badly and this publicly. Bye, Patricia. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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